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Dreadlands is a turn-based skirmish strategy game in a shared world where you battle for the valuable resource – Glonithium, “Glow” for short.


In-game Background story

As the title implies, the game is set in the Dreadlands, a region known as a unique and wondrously weird place. Quite impressive, considering this world is no stranger to strangeness, still suffering from the drastic effects of the Downfall. Yes, that’s our big ol’ civilization finisher, an Intersolar, free for all, massive shootout. Everyone was lobbing asteroids, nukes, hyper-kinetics, and exotic, experimental weapons, at everyone.

For the Player, exploring the Dreadlands will be a diverse and dangerous trek. The region resembles a patchwork of distinctively different biomes, a strange brew that has not been created by the methodical work of mother nature. There’s plenty of sights to see and things to kill, traveling across grasslands, lush swamp-jungle hybrids, mountains, desert plains and contaminated zones of utter devastation.

The why and the how, the root and the key to everything Dreadlands is Glow, a material with wondrous, borderline magical properties. Glow has influenced the shape of the land and is the base of the entire economy of the region. It’s unique to the area and the demand is high, so there’s big money to be made.

The three gangs are:

The High Plains Scrappers are a hot-tempered bunch of junk-tinkerers, able to wondrously turn any kind of scrap into a lethal weapon. They fight by utilizing their extraordinary engineering skills, using a combination of Mines, Poisons and other exotic contraptions.

The Nature worshipping Tribe-kin use their mysterious powers to command ferocious beasts and deploy Totems. Their Hunters, having honed their skills on prey (both human and beast) are masters of long-range sniping. Extremely territorial and aggressive, do not make the fatal mistake of mistaking the Tribe-kin for some gaggle of harmless tree-huggers.

Last, but far from least, we have the Skarbacks, a seasoned wasteland gang who have already left a lasting impression on the Dreadlands since their arrival. Being former slaves who rose up against their oppressors, the Skarbacks are a staunchly independent breed of roughnecks. Heavily ingrained in a never say die, freedom or death culture, they favor a volatile mix of toughness, brawn, and firepower over more subtle approaches like stealth and guile.

World map

Gameplay info

Dreadlands take the online elements of an MMO or a shared-world shooter and combine it with addictive turn-based gameplay.

Build your gang from any of the distinctly different factions inhabiting Dreadlands. Level up and unlock new spectacular tactics to use on the battlefield. Manage your base by purchasing upgrades. And find unique artifacts to combine into new powerful gear.

All in a shared world running PvE challenges and PvP matches at their choosing

All our Gang Factions have their own background campaign. The storyline will introduce the player to the Faction’s worldview, mentality, culture and of course, some current problems that have to be dealt with. Once the Gang Faction campaign is completed, the Main Story campaign is unlocked. This will let the player delve deeper into the lore, intrigue and many entities fighting to dominate, or simply survive, the Dreadlands.

Dreadlands take the online elements of an MMO or a shared-world shooter and combine it with addictive turn-based gameplay.

Key features

  • Shared world
  • PvP and PvE
  • Build your own gang
  • Manage your own hideout
  • Turn-based tactic combat
turn-based combat

About Developer

Blackfox Studios is an indie studio founded in 2017 and located in Södermalm, the creative quarter of central Stockholm, Sweden. The studio is comprised of experienced and skilled developers, all sharing the passion and affection about turn-based games. Blackfox Studios mission is to bring the turn-based genre into the online world, making every action and battle you take part in meaningful and engaging.

Official website: http://www.blackfoxstudios.se

Release date & platforms

Dreadlands will be released on Q1 2020 on Pc.


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