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Exospecies iOS

A two-player iOS turn-based strategy game that can be played against other humans (locally or online) and against an AI Player in the campaign or a local match.

Exospecies iOS



Your goal is to destroy your opponent’s supply units (the units which supply energy to them). You do this by building a formation of exospecies and leveraging their unique actions in battles set in habitats from all over the universe.


Battles are made up of turns. Each turn starts with both players giving actions to their units at the same time (assuming they are on different phones). This makes turns much faster than traditional turn-based games. Once both players are done, the turn happens and the players see the outcome.

Exospecies Gameplay


Each unit in your militia has special actions: some are offensive, some defensive, some can modify terrain, hide units, or power-up other units. Actions cost energy to activate and each supply unit has an energy limit. Units that come from the same planet often have similar types of actions or work well together. Exospecies experts know the skills of each unit well and leverage their special actions often!


You build a “formation” of units for each game by choosing the best combination of units for the habitat you’re fighting in, how well they work together, and the opponent you’re playing. You must have at least one supply unit in the formation to supply energy and transport other units into the battle. Build your formation wisely, a larger formation gives you less chances of transporting in specific units.

Exospecies buildings


Each battle occurs in a habitat. Habitats come in different sizes, from different planets and have different obstacles. Based on your units and their specific actions, some obstacles may be crossed (e.g., water, crevasses) and some others cannot (e.g., mountains). Your units can only see a limited distance, so you may not initially see your opponent. You’ll need to explore to find them. While Exospecies comes with a built-in set of habitats, you can use the habitat editor to build completely custom ones too!

Key features

  • Simultaneous turn-based strategy: Both players take turns at the same time for fast turn-based play
  • Campaigns: Command your forces in a series of battles with different AI enemies
  • Challenging Local Games: Play local games vs. tough AI commanders in campaigns or on any map you choose
  • Multiplayer 24/7: Play against friends or use matchmaking to find worthy opponents
  • Tons of species: With actions like Space-Time Bend, Slug Trail, and Hell Jelly you can create huge strategic opportunities
  • Combinable actions: Actions build on each other: combine them to increase their power
  • Custom maps: Battle against AI, friends, and random enemies in your own custom habitats using the Map Editor
  • Multiple games: Battle multiple human or AI opponents in different games at the same time
  • Defend the human race and get us a tiny bit of intergalactic respect!
Exospecies Info

About developer

Inductor is a one-man indie game studio founded by Eric Zinda. After He helped launch XBox One, He left Microsoft and started up Inductor. Exospecies is its first game in this studio. He previously built two other “side project” games on the PalmPilot and for the .Net Framework launch, both described here.

Release date & platforms

Just released on the iPhone on July 31, 2019. Currently working on porting to the PC.


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