Galaxy Squad – Turn-based tactical Game – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Galaxy Squad Pc Turn-based tactical game

A new promising Pc indie turn-based tactical game developed by Kazakov Oleg. The game puts us in the shoes of a group of runaway criminals who will have to roam the galaxy and face different events. Galaxy Squad is inspired by games such as FTL and XCOM.

Game features:

  • Exploring huge galaxy with random events FTL style
  • Landing on and exploring space stations, talking to people and taking different quests
  • No classes, you will be able to train every squad member however you like
  • Hardcore gameplay, permadeath
  • Story campaigns are planned for the future. They will involve your characters and feature branching storyline with important decisions

An early access is scheduled for November 2018. Below are the announcement trailer and the link to the Galaxy Squad steam page.

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