Gates of Intergity – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Gates of Integrity RPG

Gates Of Integrity is a classic, Turn-Based RPG directly inspired by The Bard’s Tale.

Gates of Integrity

The graphics are a bit more advanced than on 8 Bit systems, but only so much the spirit of the game doesn’t change.

In-Game Background Story

Evil forces are spreading in the quiet village of Anroburg. Led by Thargorim, monsters terrorize the people and seal the shrines! The villagers are spiritually advanced, but they did not expect such an evil force. So Marianna, keeper of the gates, asks for your help. Can you gather some adventurers to defeat Thargorim?


It plays almost exactly like the original Bard’s Tale for 8 Bit home computers. Mouse support only exists for the top menu bar and closing the game window. You can save your game in the guild only. Monsters, spells, and character classes are very AD&D-ish as in the original.

Character Sheet

Key features

  • Very classic RPG gameplay
  • Level up your fighters and explore 4 classes of magic
  • Dungeon crawling madness, monster fights and puzzles
  • Optional automapping
  • Atmospheric soundtracks by Derek Fiechter

About the developer

Solo hobby developer. There may be a sequel to Gates of Integrity, but he would love to do a (retro) 2D Point and click Adventure, too. page:


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