Into the Dungeon – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Into the Dungeon

Get ready for adventures in the new tactical RPG! Choose your hero, grab some healing potions and beware immortal Ghost!

Into the Dungeon

Background story

Going down to the Dungeon for the treasures of the immortal ghost, you have embarked on a dangerous path. Each turn is fraught with danger, and each step may be your last one. Can you steal the treasure and get out from the dungeon?

Gameplay info

Turn-based roguelike game. At the start of the level, you choose any tile on 8×8 field. After that, dungeons randomly generated. Walls, traps, bonuses and ghosts with treasure, that you must to steal. On detail – you see anything at the start. Your hero has a limited number of steps on turn.

Into the Dungeon

Move on any tile in 4 directions and open the content of the chosen tile. It can be empty or have a bonus, or a deadly trap. After spending some time exploring, you will find tile in 3 steps from treasure and ghost. In this situation, ghost will wake up and follow your hero.

You can’t defeat Ghost – only run away. The ghost makes only 1 step but could move diagonally. So I main goal – steal treasure and go back to start tile before ghost will catch you.

Key features

  • Explore the randomly generated Dungeon. Have a unique experience each time you go into the Dungeon
  • 5 unique characters! Choose your tactics to pass through the Dungeon!
  • Test your endurance over 20 levels, which vary in content and size.
Test your turn-based skills

About developer

Indie developer team. Two mates (game designer and programmer). At the daylight making hidden object games on work, but after dusk, they become indie developers! Try our their game!

Release date & platform

December 13 2019




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