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Oaths of Light – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Oaths Of Light

An RPG with strong J-RPG vibes and a colourful world actually on Kickstarter. You will play as Eden. A young girl who’s having mysterious dream about a conversation overheard which will lead her to a fantastic yet scary journey.


In-Game Background Story / Plot

The story takes place a few decades after the great war that opposed the Elmeian people, and the kingdom of Meadran.

Once a year at the capital of Meadran Kingdom is held the ceremonies of the Oaths of Light. To which every inhabitants of the kingdom is summoned on their 17th year.

Eden has received a letter summoning her to the ceremonies, and will have to leave her village for the first time to go to the capital. But before leaving the village you will investigate on strange reports of village hunters that have reported sights of mushroom men.
This will be the starting point of your adventure, and your choices during it will have importance on how it will go.


Explore your environment with a 3rd person fixed/traveling camera system. The game can be played with keyboard (yes keyboard only!) or gamepad depending on your preferences.

As every RPGs are, the game will be story driven. You can follow the main quest and progress quickly or take a bit of time and explore the lore a bit more in depth through side quests.
The story will have multiple endings, as well has a variety of dialogue options which all are unique and impact the story their own way, so be careful with your choices.

You will often encounter enemies as you progress through the game. Most of them will be introduced with a background and some can show human-like intelligence, fighting isn’t always necessary!

But if you have to fight, you will also need to think about what to do during your turn. In this turn-based combat system you will have 5 tactical seconds to “think” about what you will do if you didn’t before. Then 10 seconds to position yourself and make the most out of your turn! Dealing damages, using items, casting skills, and any options you have at this moment.
Positioning will be important as some skills will change depending on the direction you are facing (North/East/South/West) that you can know through the battle compass at top of screen during fights.

Using your environment is also important. Push your enemies against walls, or destructible objects in the battle arena deal more damages.

Oaths Of Light

Key features

  • Real time cross hatching shadows on closeups mixed with our camera system to create moods for each and every environment you will explore.
  • Turn based, timed realtime turn battle system with simple to complex skill system and battle arena environment usage.
  • Story driven game where choices will often change the outcomes of certain situations.

About the Developer

ASM-Games is a team of 5 passionate that have decided to build their own game a year ago, but the actual storyboard and mechanics have been in their head for years already.
A year ago, after a very long chat with friends, they decided to fund the project and help the team build a prototype so they can start a crowdfunding campaign to get some more funds and achieve the game as they imagine it.

Official website:
Twitter page:
Kickstarter page:

Release date & platforms

PC-Steam, first half of 2022 or first half of 2023 depending on crowfunding results.


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