8 Year Celebration Stamp Campaign Revealed For The Battle Cats

Written by Marcello TBL

8th Anniversary

For fans of The Battle Cats, you may need no reminder that the game is now 8 years old. And with 75 million downloads worldwide since the game was launched, it’s fair to say it’s a popular game. If you haven’t played it before, you can get The Battle Cats on iOS or Android by clicking here.

And with a multitude of events lined up to celebrate the 8th anniversary of The Battle Cats, we’ll take a look at one of those events, the Stamp Campaign.

What Is The Stamp Campaign?

The stamp campaign will run from September 5th to October 10th, 2022. Players can earn a login stamp simply by visiting the app each day during the anniversary celebrations.

How Does The Stamp Campaign Work?

Each stamp that a player earns during this event can be put towards rewards. The more stamps earned, the bigger and better the rewards that are available.

What Rewards Are Available?

Players who log in each day can earn up five Rare Tickets, and up to 250 Cat Food. Additionally, players will earn a free limited-edition Cat hero when they earn their sixth stamp of the event.

This is just one of many events planned during the 8th anniversary by PONOS Corporation, the company behind The Battle Cats. Other events to look forward to include:

  • Campaign-exclusive Limited Sale and Thank-You Sale events
  • Treasure Festivals in Empire of Cats stages on even days, Into the Future

on odd days, and in Cats of the Cosmos every three days

  • Half-off Cat Energy events in Empire, Future and Cosmos story stages

each day

  • Clear global version-exclusive stages Minced Meet-Up and Catburger

Awakens!; to unlock special hero Catburger and its third True Form

  • Challenge monthly limited stage enemies in the “Monthly All-Stars” stage
  • Series
  • Earn a huge clear reward of 30,000,000 XP from the new “Monthly Event

All-Stars Grateful Gathering” stage

  • Limited Invasion stages appear with powerful limited Cats as rewards

There’s plenty for newcomers and old-hands alike to look forward to – just click here to get involved.


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