All Starfield Romances and Relationship Details Announced So Far

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Fans of Bethesda Games are waiting for a sequel to their big franchise like The Elder Scrolls or Fallout, but the studio is focusing on a new IP project called Starfield. Called their most ambitious project so far, Todd Howard continues to share the latest info on what fans can expect from this space RPG game.

The Advanced Romance System

Through his interview with Lex Fridman, one of the things fans can expect from this game is a more complex romance system compared to their previous games.

With the ambition to make this system more complex, Todd explained that the game would carry an updated dialogue system that would be more dynamic in nature and not limited to a system like a love meter like in most other games, including their previous game.

Starfield Planned Release Early Next Year

Outside of this system, Todd Howard also shared a number of things from his newest space game, starting from the gasoline mechanic, which they had to leave the game because it was considered unpleasant.

They had time to add to the system to create realism, where if players run out of gas, they have to turn on a beacon and wait for help or find a way to get gas in the surrounding environment. Conceptually it sounds interesting, but they realized that the system would be more annoying for players, especially in long-term games like this game.

Starfield will also have a system where each planet will need a certain spacesuit. Players can indeed choose their spacesuit as they like, but each suit will have a different level of resistance to deal with different situations on each planet.

Starfield has been pushed back to early 2023 from what was supposed to be released in November 2022. The game’s release will not be that far apart from Arkane Studio’s latest title, Redfall. This delay is due to the fact that many things must be prepared before the game is ready for release.

Although there’s no real information on whether the game will be multiplayer or not, it’s best to be prepared. Seeing this as an exploration game, it’s likely that the game will open this new feature in the future. If that does happen, then it’s better for you to have a VPN. With the proper tool, you can enjoy low-ping gaming with VPN. But for now, the information is still limited. Let’s just hope for the best.

About Starfield

Bethesda game developers and creators who were previously successful through Skyrim and Fallout 4 are ready to release their newest game, Starfield. This game is arguably an ambitious project that is finally ready to be released after 25 years of development.

Bethesda offers a unique universe in Starfield. It tells about human life in space and not far from outer space adventures. In the teaser trailer that has been released, we can see a different universe with captivating visual quality.

Not many leaks were given in the teaser trailer. But Bethesda promises a game that lets players be who they really want to be and go explore the world as freely as possible.

The story focuses on the last group of space explorers. But further about the storyline and what excitement will be given is still a secret until at least the next teaser or the gameplay is leaked.

What is certain is the development has taken a very long time to cook. And for that, Bethesda didn’t want to make those who were waiting to feel zonked and ultimately disappointed.

30-40 Hours of Story Campaign

Game developers over the past few years have indeed not only offered standard gameplay that feels nothing, but a game with a massive open-world world also seems to have been increasingly popular and become a trend. Call it the ambitious project from Bethesda entitled Starfield, with thousands of planets that can be explored.

Talking to IGN, Todd Howard said that Starfield would take longer to complete and complete than Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and Fallout 4, which they had previously released.

If players skip the various side activities and focus on the main quest or main storyline, players can complete Starfield in just 30 to 40 hours.

The Never-Ending Fuel of Exploration

Exploring outer space with high-tech aircraft is everyone’s dream, and video games are the right medium to make it happen. But exploring by plane certainly requires high survival elements that must be watched out for, one of which is fuel.

Running out of fuel is an absolute must for some space exploration games, but this is not the case in Starfield, Bethesda’s space-themed RPG game.

Talking to Lex Fridman on his podcast on YouTube, Todd Howard, Game Director of Starfield, explains why fuel is so crucial in his games.

According to Howard, the Bethesda team that has been testing the consumable fuel mechanic did not find the “happy factor” of Starfield when implemented. Especially with the many planets available in Starfield.

For Bethesda, making 1000 planets is easy because they have tools that will help them. But the player not being able to explore the planet just because the fuel runs out makes the fun factor of Starfield disappear.

Furthermore, Howard told how the decision to make fuel not run out was implemented in Starfield.

According to him, before they made fuel, that could run out, and when that happened, players had to call the beacon and wait for someone to pick it up. However, when tried, players will accidentally run out of fuel, leading them to explore planets to find this fuel. “This is a fun killer (pleasure killer),” added Howard.

Nonetheless, Howard explained that the feature would likely be added when Starfield releases the hardcore survival mode.

The Starfield system itself will come with an RPG system in general, such as levels with areas for low, medium, and high levels.


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