Best New Video Games For Students

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Best Videogames For Students

As a student in high school or college, studying does not have to be all you do. You should have time for some personal activities. Likewise, you will want to have fun one way or another, especially for your mental health. If you love playing video games, you should healthily indulge yourself using a PC, a PlayStation, an Xbox, or other consoles. If you like to know more about the best new video games, keep reading this article.

1.   Dune: Spice Wars

Spice Wars is an action-packed game accessible via a Windows personal computer. This edition is developed and published by Shiro Games and Funcom, respectively. Based on the context of The Age of Empires, Spice Wars is a real-time strategy release that lets you use military and diplomatic capabilities in different battles and wars. In addition, gamers compete for melange and water through House Harkonnen and House Atreides to keep their machines working.

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2.   Splatoon

If you own a Nintendo, Splatoon may be the game for you. This release has great features, such as visuals, graphics, sound and storyline. The primary character of the game uses splash guns to advance through different levels. Due to its appeal, this edition has millions of fans globally. Moreover, the latest version ofthe game is Splatoon 3, which was released in 2022. The characters from the previous edition have also been improved.

3.   Sea of Thieves

If you want to have fun with your friends, you should consider getting Sea of Thieves. This game is based on the adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow, and it follows a familiar theme of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Unlike many games, you can do what you want in each scene.

At the beginning of the adventure, you are given the option to build a custom avatar. While playing, you will receive several freebies and bonuses. You will have to rely on teamwork to get through tough times in the sea while managing a damaged ship.

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4.   Mario Kart

Mario Kart feels like a blast from the past. With its first release in 1992, this franchise appeals to students of different backgrounds. It is fun, exciting, and easy to play. Unlike many Nintendo games, this new edition is available on Android and iOS. You can play it solo or with friends. If you have never played it, the game is a simple race that lets your character jump hurdles at different points in the track. In addition, this new release has pleasant graphics that make for great gameplay, especially if you played it when you were younger.

5.   Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is one of those popular games most teenagers love to play. Developed by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) incorporates action, violence, vandalism, and more. For this reason, this game is not ideal for younger students. Unlike many games, GTA is a single-person play. Meaning you can only play it alone. Moreover, you can walk, run, jump, and drive with the character. You can also customize the character’s clothes as you gain a higher reputation and go through more levels.

Several villains can attack and deplete the primary characters’ lives. However, there are hospitals you can use to heal and get back to action. In addition, this game is available across all top consoles.

6.   Apex Legends

Apex Legends is another action-packed game which is free to play. It leads you down an adventurous journey through the quest for glory, fortune, and fame. Unlike many other top games, Apex Legends is available on almost all consoles and platforms. As such, you can enjoy this Electronic Arts franchise on gaming consoles, computers, and portable devices. Also, you will need to continuously update the game if you want to play newer seasons.


There are several top video games suitable for students. This article highlights the best new video games for this category of individuals. Depending on your interests, you can play action, adventure, or racing games. Likewise, you should be able to play most games across various consoles, computers, and other devices.

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