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Low End Hardware Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Game

Written by Marcello TBL

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Anyone can be a gamer, no matter their age or where they’re from. As long as they’ve got something to game on, they’re good to go. Sure, you might prefer to have the specs turned up to max, and that ray tracing to really shine through the monitor, but this is a very privileged kind of gaming setup. 

An ‘ancient’ PC still has the processing power to run games from only 2 or 3 years ago, and if you’ve got less than $1000 to put a new system together, you can still get your hands on a hardy gaming rig! 

After all, turn-based games are well known for being versatile and pretty flexible with their minimum system requirements, meaning no matter your current specs or how old that laptop is, you can still give them a good go. Let’s go through more detail below.

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Tweak the Graphics First

Up until now, you may have thought that you’d only be able to play online monster truck games in your browser, but this simply isn’t the case! You can do a lot more with your outdated hardware than you first thought, simply by installing a game, getting it up and running, and then turning down the graphical fidelity once you reach the options menu. 

For best performance, be sure to turn down the resolution, and turn off anti-aliasing, as well as both shadow and texture detail. These will all eat up your harddrive and graphics card, and you simply don’t need them in order to get a good experience out of a game. 

Classic Games are a Treasure Trove

Sure, there’s some amazing titles out there on the market right now, and you’re looking forward to the new games coming this year, but if you’ve got old hardware, you shouldn’t be basing your entire gaming passion on new and updated games. You’ve got to do a bit of digging and discovery! 

If you’re a fan of turn based games already, then you definitely know just how many old classics there are out there from the mid 90s through to the mid 00s – you just need to find workable, usable copies and install them on your low end PC. From Baldur’s Gate to the original Fallout series, there are some amazing games you need to try out! 

Use Streaming Platforms

And finally, if you’re determined to get only the newest, shiniest looking releases to play on your low-end system, you might need to make use of a streaming platform. There are multiple game streaming service providers out there, and they all offer the ability to play a game via your PC that’s being streamed from a high end, graphically capable PC somewhere else in the world. If you’ve got a bit of extra cash, this kind of subscription is definitely worth it! 

Low end hardware doesn’t have to kill your gaming passion. Tweak your games, find some appropriate titles and then get back into the gaming seat.


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