One of the best ways to learn is if you’re having fun. This is why playing video games can have educational benefits. Players will be so entertained playing the following games that they won’t even realize what skills or knowledge they are picking up. No mother ever brags about the hours her children spend in front of screens. Video games can teach people of all ages through lively gameplay.



Minecraft is one of the best educational videos of all time. It teaches problem-solving, collaboration, mathematics, and much more. The game helps to foster ‘out of the box’ thinking and has different modes, such as spectator, multiplayer, adventure, and survival. It’s a non-violent game where players have to explore, craft tools and gather resources. It can even help players to learn the fundamentals of programming skills by using Redstone blocks. They can also learn the basics of project management. 

A Glasgow University study in 2017 found that playing video games, including one like Minecraft, could help young people to develop communication, resourcefulness and mental adaptability skills. These are the types of skills that could help them succeed at college or university. Minecraft is available on Nintendo DS, Xbox, Switch, PS4, macOS and Windows PC. 

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Little Big Planet 3

Little Big Planet 3 can help players to learn design, problem-solving, spatial orientation and logic. The first game was released in 2008 and Little Big Planet 3 is the latest version. In it, Sackboy returns with new friends, Toggle, Oddsock, and Swoop. 

Little Big Planet 3 gives players intuitive designing tools to customize levels. They can bring their creations to life through 16 layers of user-created levels. Players can create mini-games within a game and visit levels created by other users. It’s a wild adventure across a world full of surprises. Little Big Planet 3 for PS4 is backward compatible with PS5. A PS-plus subscription is required for online play.

Educational Videogames

Portal and Portal 2

Portal is a mind-bending puzzle game that’s been available since 2007 but still feels fresh. It can help with problem-solving, logic, spatial skills, physics, science and mathematics. It is a bit like Little Big Planet, but it’s rather scary for younger players. Players have to go through a series of tests in a secret research facility controlled by a sadistic AI. 

They solve puzzles by creating entry portals in walls and exit portals somewhere else. To advance, players must learn how to manipulate spatial constraints and physics. Portal and Portal 2 are available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. 

Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program is a rocket simulation game that can help players to learn more about the solar system, aerospace engineering and mathematics. The game is set on Kerbin, a planet like the earth that is home to an alien race known as the Kerbals. Players have to build a rocket using realistic physics and orbital mechanics. Once in outer space, players can build space stations and explore the solar system. 

The game has three modes. Science mode lets players unlock new tech. Career mode involves overseeing all aspects of Kerbal’s space program. Sandbox mode allows freeform play.

Rocksmith 2014, remastered

Rocksmith Remastered is one of the best video games for learning to play the guitar. Players can learn at their own pace when playing this interactive game. They will need a Real Tone USB cable that plugs into the output jack of an electric guitar. 

As players work through the levels of the game, they take on more challenging lessons. Players get real-time feedback, just as if they were learning from a professional teacher. Earning Rocksmith points allows them to unlock additional features. Most players can learn how to play full songs within about 60 days. Players can learn to play songs from a library of hit songs.


Playing video games can have many educational benefits, from speeding up response time to encouraging creativity. They can improve memory skills, teamwork, Mathematics and much more. Some of them even develop programming and language skills or help players to learn music. They can breathe life into education and boost motivation. 

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