Commodore 64

Great Turn-Based RPG on Commodore 64

7 More Great Turn-Based Games On The Commodore 64

Damiano Gerli

Commodore 64 had such a vast library - it seemed like there was something for any sort of player in it: From solid ports of arcade titles, like Wizard of Wor, to incredibly weird licensed projects - How To Be a Complete Bastard. There was even a complete simulation of being homeless, called From Rags To Riches. Naturally, there were a ton of turn-based games. We've already seen a few great ones in the original list, but why stop there? So, let's take a look at some of the other memorable titles for that legendary machine.

Best turn-Based Games Commodore 64

7 Great Turn-Based Games on Commodore 64

Damiano Gerli

Ah, Commodore 64. That name may not sound too familiar to those from the US. Yet, in Europe, that breadbin-shaped home computer smashed all sales' records! In some countries, like my own Italy, every kid with even a faint interest in programming or video games, had a 64 at home. Of course, the fact that there was a huge piracy market (especially for cassette tape games) could've helped the sales. However, the Breadbin was still an amazing computer! Great price, solid specs, robust and always "READY". But, what about its games' library? Well, let us take a look at some of the most interesting turn-based titles available on the platform.