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TBL Top 10 (2021 Q1)

2021 started with a nice quantity of turn-based games with quality to enjoy. The pandemic situation still alive, but it seems that the situation is better after some months; however, for the extra tim...

Dead Age 2

Dead Age 2

The successful indie survival RPG "Dead Age" (84% very positive) is back with a vengeance! No other game offers this mix of role-playing, rogue-like, fast-paced turn-based combat and survival all in o...

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Dead Age 2

Dead Age 2 – Out on Steam and GOG

Are you ready to rebuild the world? Get ready for the zombie apocalypse with a twist! Soon our review will be out too Publisher Headup and developer Silent Dreams proudly announce the release of ...

Dead Age 2 – Gameplay First Look

Let’s take a look at Dead Age 2 developed by Silent Dreams and published by Headup. I show you the first 40 minutes of this turn-based RPG with survival elements and lots of cool features. Let m...

Dead Age 2 announced!

It’s official, the survival zombie-based RPG “Dead Age” will have soon a sequel.Just few days ago, Silent Dreams, the developers behind the first game, announced that the 3rd of June...

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