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Truth be told, it isn't always easy to find a good topic to talk about every month. Usually, I try to find ideas by looking at the month's games. Sometimes, to be honest, none of them are that inspiring. Nonetheless, there is a topic I was planning to talk about for quite some time now. I've always postponed it, though - patiently waiting for the right occasion.

Unsung Story Gameplay

10 Indie RPGs & Strategy Games in Early Access – First Turn Ep.2

Marcello TBL

Here we are with a new First Turn episode. The article where we talk about promising Indie RPGs & Strategy ...

Character screen

Top 5 Turn-Based Tactics Games of 2021 I Want to play – Two Clicks Picks

Two Clicks

The end is nigh! At least the end of another year. One more spent in the clutches of COVID. Stuck indoors. Shunning company, socialising and fresh air. All those things that make us… well human. It would have been perfect for us gamers who would not otherwise have seen the light of many days, playing our favourite games.


Dorfromantik’s Winter Update with a snowy biome and polar bears is OUT NOW and 10% off during Winter Sale!

Marcello TBL

With version 0.4 comes the next content update for Dorfromantik. The team is currently in the middle of their final project for the master's degree at university. However, they didn't want to miss the chance to give all players a little joy for the wintertime. They want to thank you for the support during all this time and are already looking forward to the upcoming 1.0 release next spring and are excited to share more news soon!


TBL Top 10 (2021 Q1)


2021 started with a nice quantity of turn-based games with quality to enjoy. The pandemic situation still alive, but it ...

Dorfromantik – Early Review, Now Relax


Completing quests, getting a high score, and achievements in Dorfromantik will always be overshadowed by the relaxing and meditative process of laying out tiles one-by-one.

Upcoming turn-based games

On The Radar – March 2021


About choices and consequences “We are our choices”– Jean-Paul Sartre One of the most recurring topic for an aged videogamer/RPG ...