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Nadir Pc Switch Indie RPG

Nadir – Kickstarter & Demo Gameplay

Do you ever dream of power beyond your wildest dreams? Do you yearn for salvation? Are you willing to throw away your life in service of Sin? Then prick up your ears, sinner, for the time has finally ...

Nadir Pc Switch Indie RPG

Nadir is coming to Kickstarter

Hello, wretched souls! Polish indie dev studio Shockwork Games that we interviewed a while ago are happy to announce that their new infernal, monochrome jRPG Nadir, inspired by Dante Alighieri’...

Nadir Pc Switch Indie RPG

Nadir – Will launch on PCs and Nintendo Switch

From the creators of critically-acclaimed Alder’s Blood comes Nadir, a dark jRPG inspired by Divine Comedy. The title is under development and will launch on PCs (Steam, GOG), and Nintendo ...

Nadir RPG

10 Turns Interview with Shockwork Games

Almost a year ago, we had the pleasure of e-meeting and interviewing the guys from Shockwork Games who were struggling with Alder’s Blood at the time. One of the most original games of recent ti...