Retro-JRPG Soulvars Is Landing on PC & Consoles Next Month

Marcello TBL

Shueisha Games and Ginolabo are excited to announce that SOULVARS, deckbuilder RPG, will be coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, ...

Tamarak Trail

Dice-based deck-building roguelike Tamarak Trail is coming to PC & Consoles

Marcello TBL

Tamarak Trail, an upcoming deck-building roguelike game, is set to release on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam platforms this summer. ...

Revival: recolonization

A New 4X Strategy Game Arrives Next Month

Marcello TBL

HeroCraft PC is thrilled to announce an epic crossover between the action-packed hit game Atomic Heart and the post-apocalyptic 4X ...

Teenage Demon Slayer Society

Turn-Based Tactics Teenage Demon Slayer Society Announced

Marcello TBL

Teenage Demon Slayer Society, created by Strange Scaffold, developer behind innovative gaming experiences such as El Paso, Elsewhere, An Airport ...

Jagged Alliance 3

Tactical Strategy RPG Jagged Alliance 3 Has a Release Date

Marcello TBL

Jagged Alliance, known as one of the genre’s legendary pioneers, is returning with Jagged Alliance 3. Developed by Haemimont Games ...

Solasta: Palace of Ice

Solasta: Palace of Ice Release Date Announced – The Biggest Content Update Yet!

Marcello TBL

Tactical Adventures, the award-winning French game development studio, has revealed the highly anticipated release date for Solasta: Palace of Ice. ...

Songs of Conquests

Songs of Conquest Welcomes Players to the Graveyard of Loth with Thrilling New Campaign

Marcello TBL

Lavapotion, the dev behind Songs of Conquest, has officially released the much-awaited Barony of Loth campaign, marking a significant milestone ...


Turn-Based RPG WrestleQuest Set to Launch in Summer 2023

Marcello TBL

Mega Cat Studios, the creators of WrestleQuest, have announced that the highly anticipated wrestling RPG will finally be released this ...

Broken Roads

Post-Apocalyptic Isometric RPG Broken Roads Gets a New Trailer and Release Window

Marcello TBL

Broken Roads, the highly anticipated Isometric RPG set in a post-apocalyptic Australia, has just released its May 2023 update, packed ...

Project Witchstone

Divinity-Inspired Tactical RPG Project Witchstone Back on Track

Marcello TBL

In 2019, we talked about it, but then it seemed to vanish without a trace. However, exciting updates on the ...