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Rise of Humanity

Rise of Humanity – Hands-On

“It’s the end of the world as we know itand I feel fine” – R.E.M. INTRODUCTION (OR A SORT OF…) When I was young (I mean REALLY young and not “young” like n...

Rise Of Humanity

Rise of Humanity

Battle enemy bots, plan your strategy to complete missions, collect, upgrade and merge powerful cards to save humanity in this tactical turn-based game!

Darkest Dungeon 2

On the Radar – October 2021

Reviewing reviews… “Even the fool can say something right,but always for the wrong reason“– Umberto Eco When we talk about the “war” between Steam and the other dig...

Upcoming turn-based rpgs 2020 #9

Upcoming Turn-Based Strategy/RPGs #9

Today is a rainy and cold day, ideal for staying at home in front of a PC and exploring all the games currently in development. I’m not exactly at home, but in the office and before starting wor...