Royal Frontier

Royal Frontier

Royal Frontier – Review

Charlie Norris

Tell me if you've heard this one before: A mage, a healer and a warrior find themselves protectors of the Oregon Trail. Unlike the real Oregon Trail, however, the three heroes won't be defending just against bandits, trying to steal the goods. Orcs, bears and everything in-between will join the pillagers in attacking the caravan. Welcome to the Royal Frontier - or The Oregon Trail with orcs. Is it fun out here? Read on to find out.

Plague Lords

Keep an Eye On these 10 Turn-Based RPGs and Strategy Games | Kaeoi41

Marcello TBL

Childhood nightmares, medieval plague zombies, and cyclopes in Japanese schoolgirl uniforms. No, it's not convention season - it's another edition of Keep An Eye On It! These turn-based RPGs and Strategy Games, currently in development, have piqued our interest and we think they'll pique yours too.