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The Best Turn-Based Game News Of The Week / 6 August 2022

Marcello TBL

Ciao a tutti. Here we are at another recap of the best news regarding turn-based Games. Some relevant releases and ...

Upcoming turn-based games

On The Radar – PC Turn-Based RPG & Strategy Games Releasing On August 2022


“This is the endBeautiful friendThis is the end”– The Doors FAREWELL WORDS The original title of this article was supposed ...

Top 10 Turn-Based JRPGs of 2022

Top 10 Turn-Based Upcoming JRPGs of 2022

Kamiab Ghorbanpour

It is quite lovely to see how JRPGs have transitioned to mainstream in the West. JRPGs at the time, were seen as “weird” or even “boring”, especially those with turn-based mechanics. With the immense success of: Persona 5, Dragon Quest XI, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses, it cannot be said to be the case anymore. It's great to see Western gamers becoming ever more interested in the madness of turn-based JRPGs.

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Top 10 Promising and Exciting Turn-Based RPGs of 2022 | Kaeoi 43

Marcello TBL

Cue the intro music - it's time for another installment of Keep An Eye On It, where we showcase exciting and intriguing turn-based titles that are in development. Everything old is new again, and we've got games that are sure to stir up nostalgia this time around. Classic D&D PC games are becoming available again for the first time in years, and Front Mission 1 and 2 are both getting Switch remakes.

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10 Upcoming Turn-Based Games for PlayStation

Charlie Norris

You've read 10 Upcoming Turn-Based Games for Switch, and you've probably seen the Xbox list as well. Now comes the third part in the console trilogy: 10 Upcoming Turn-Based Games for PlayStation. Each of the three lists has ten games for a specific console; now, with this article completing the trilogy, console players have 30 games to look forward to. So, let's see what PlayStation has to offer.