Space Cats Tactics

Space Cats Tactics Overview

Space Cats Tactics

Fight nerve-wracking spaceship battles in this turn-based tactical space opera RPG! Manage your crew of feline warriors to adapt to every strategic situation and dive into a thrilling space opera stor...

Keep an eye On It

Keep an Eye on It: 5 Turn-Based Tactical RPGs | #1

Ciao everyone, today I inaugurate a new column that I want to try to bring on a weekly basis, that is called Keep an Eye on It. I will collect interesting indie and non-indie projects around and show ...

Space Cats Tactics – Gameplay demo

Ciao. Today i play the demo of Space Cats Tactics by Mitzi Games. A promising turn-based tactics game with FTL ship management mechanics and XCOM and Divinity combats. Let me know what you think about...

Space Cats Tactics Overview

Space Cats Tactics – Overview

Space Cats Tactics is a tactical turn-based game with space explorations. It combines FTL + XCOM + Divinity Original Sin. Oh and the heroes are a feline race! In-Game Background story You are a team o...

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