Telepath Tactics Liberated

Top Indie Games November 2022

Best Indie Turn-Based RPGs and Strategies Weeklong Deals – 9 November 2022

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This week, there are a lot of indie games joining the weeklong party. I listed some of the best turn-based ...

Best Indie Turn-Based RRPG to Play in 2022

10 Indie Turn-Based RPGs to play in 2022

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From time to time, I want to point out some indie titles already released or in early access that you ...

Telepath Tactics Liberated

Telepath Tactics Liberated is out now. Check out the Gameplay First Look

Marcello TBL

The new updated and revamped version of Turn-Based RPG Telepath Tactics is available now on Steam. The new version offers tons of content, like classes, skills, new graphics, new features for the built-in campaign editor, and much more.

Upcoming turn-based games

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20 Top Best Indie Tactics RPGs of 2022

20 Upcoming Indie Tactics RPGs of 2022

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A good tactical RPG has so much to offer - engaging storylines, deep characters, and of course compelling combat gameplay. It's a genre that has inspired thousands of players and creators, some of whom go on to make their own games which in turn inspire others. Developers across the world are working hard right now to bring their dreams to life, and that means players can look forward to a full suite of TRPGs in 2022. Who knows - one of these titles could be the next classic!


10 Exciting Indie RPGs & Strategy Games of 2022 – KAEOI34

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Ciao a tutti and welcome to the first episode of the KEEP AN EYE ON IT of 2022. I hope you are fine and supercharged to face the new year and reach your goals. As for me, I'm very excited to start scouting new promising turn-based project and look forward to new releases.