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Top 5 Greatest Turn-Based Games of the Year 2021, according to armies and castles

armies and castles

Introduction It seems I’ve wandered too long in the dungeons this time! Cursed be that water trap that ruined my ...

Best 5 Turn-Based RPGs of 2021 – Strateture Picks


It's here, the most anticipated GOTY list of 2021! Oh, you expected a more laid-back and humble introduction? Yeah, no, that's not how I do things. If you won't roll out the red carpet and toot all the horns—I will. Especially with this year's line-up in mind. They deserve all the glitter we can throw at them and more. This is also true for a slew of games I didn't include. I will, however, make sure to give them their due praise at a later date in one way, shape or form. But until that happens, let's focus on the games listed below.

Old World Pc Game

Top 5 Favourite Turn-Based Games of 2021 – VeryLowKi Picks


Another year has gone by and 2021 was a fine year for new games and I’ve been asked to jot down my own list of my top 5 turn-based games. I thought this sounded like fun so here we go!

Character screen

Top 5 Turn-Based Tactics Games of 2021 I Want to play – Two Clicks Picks

Two Clicks

The end is nigh! At least the end of another year. One more spent in the clutches of COVID. Stuck indoors. Shunning company, socialising and fresh air. All those things that make us… well human. It would have been perfect for us gamers who would not otherwise have seen the light of many days, playing our favourite games.