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10 PC Turn-Based Games to scratch your Tactical Itch

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If you are looking for some good turn-based games to scratch your tactical itch, you are in the right place. ...

Zodiac Legion RPG

10 Turns Interview with Zodiac Legion’s Developers

armies and castles

It looks and feels undoubtedly unique - yet retains that classical tabletop aesthetic of early D&D and GW's Warhammer Fantasy. At the center of the gameplay is a complex turn-based, party-based, combat system. It almost reminds me of the great SSI games of old, with their ultra-elaborate battle mechanics.

20 Top Best Indie Tactics RPGs of 2022

20 Upcoming Indie Tactics RPGs of 2022

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A good tactical RPG has so much to offer - engaging storylines, deep characters, and of course compelling combat gameplay. It's a genre that has inspired thousands of players and creators, some of whom go on to make their own games which in turn inspire others. Developers across the world are working hard right now to bring their dreams to life, and that means players can look forward to a full suite of TRPGs in 2022. Who knows - one of these titles could be the next classic!

Keep An Eye On It 22

10 Promising RPGs & Strategy | KAEOI#22

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Ciao a tutti. Finally another episode of KEEP AN EYE ON IT after 2 weeks of hiatus. I didn’t actually ...