Top JRPGs you can play on your PC – Video

After having been asked for a list with the best RPGs currently on PC, I prepared this one with some of the...

Sentinels of Freedom – First 30 minutes Gameplay

The world of superheroes fascinates me; therefore, to find a game that combines turn-based combat and men and women with tight suits...

Tactical Breach Wizards – Beta Gameplay

I was lucky enough to participate in a closed beta version of the brand new strategic puzzle game by the talented Suspicious Developments,...

Legend of Keepers – First Hour Gameplay Walkthrough

The first-hour gameplay for the brand new turn-based strategy game from Goblinz Studio coming out on March 19, 2020. In the game...

Fantasy General II DLC Onslaught Let’s Play by Samspstra Games

Onslaught is the first expansion for Fantasy General II, adding plenty new aerial units and the brand new procedural Onslaught campaign, in which you will...

Monster Train – Gameplay Walkthrough

Easy to learn deck-building mechanics that offer great depth. If you love Slay the Spire, you should definitely try Monster Train by...

Video – Pc Turn-Based Strategy RPGs Releases. 04 – 14 March...

Hello everyone. In this new video, you will find all the releases of March 2020, from here until the middle of the...

Bonfire Demo Let’s Play by Sampstra Games

Bonfire is a rapid, deeply tactical turn-based roguelike RPG about journey, failure, and heroes who care a little too much.

Video – Top Upcoming Turn-Based Rpgs on – Part 2

The second video dedicated to some of the most promising turn-based games extrapolated from my collection on All games are still...

Hearts of Iron IV – La Resistance DLC Let’s Play by...

La Résistance adds secret agents, espionage missions and new options for resistance movements to Hearts of Iron IV, the popular grand strategy...

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Attack of the Earthlings is a neat indie turn-based tactics. With decent challenges and funny dialogues between your human enemies.
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Top PC Multiplayer/Competitive Turn-Based Strategy/RPG Games | Part 1

At the moment, as I write this article, we are in a full coronavirus emergency. Here in Italy as gradually the rest...

Fates of Ort – Overview

An RPG that reminds me of a pinch of Zelda but with original mechanics and retro graphics.

Edge Of Eternity – Prologue Gameplay Walkthrough

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