Dead Age II Let’s Play by Sampstra Games

The successful indie survival RPG "Dead Age" (84% very positive) is back with a vengeance in Dead Age II! No other game...

Dead Age 2 – Gameplay First Look

Let's take a look at Dead Age 2 developed by Silent Dreams and published by Headup. I show you the first 40...

Haxity Let’s Play by Sampstra Games

Haxity is a cyberpunk, roguelite, action deck-builder. Draft your deck, modify your fighter and outsmart your opponent. Fight online, challenge your friends...

The Fellowship Saga – Gameplay

Let's play The Fellowship Saga by Almkaz Games. A Turn-Based RPG that remains true to the classics of the genre. Party-based, open-world,...

Rise Eterna – Demo Gameplay

Let's play Rise Eterna by Makee, Forever Entertainment S. A. A Turn-Based strategy game where we can recruit up to 14 characters,...

Against The Moon Let’s Play by Sampstra Games

Against The Moon is a turn-based strategy where chthonic monsters will challenge your tactical skills. Lead a squad of superhumans in a...

Upcoming PC Turn-Based Strategy RPGs 2020/2021 #10

The tenth rundown of strategic and/or RPG games among the most interesting currently in development. I collected the trailers, as usual, taken...

The Iron Oath – Demo Gameplay

Let's play The Iron Oath by Curious Panda Games. One of the most anticipated games for me that features a unique monsters...

The Last Spell – Demo Gameplay

Let's start this Steam Festival with one of the most promising turn-based RPG. Let's play The Last Spell by CCCP. Let me...

CasterLords Let’s Play by Samsptra Games

Create custom decks from hundreds of discoverable cards in this deck-building RPG and uncover the secrets behind the mysterious CasterLords!

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