Upcoming PC Turn-Based Strategy RPGs 2020/2021 #10

The tenth rundown of strategic and/or RPG games among the most interesting currently in development. I collected the trailers, as usual, taken...

The Iron Oath – Demo Gameplay

Let's play The Iron Oath by Curious Panda Games. One of the most anticipated games for me that features a unique monsters...

The Last Spell – Demo Gameplay

Let's start this Steam Festival with one of the most promising turn-based RPG. Let's play The Last Spell by CCCP. Let me...

CasterLords Let’s Play by Samsptra Games

Create custom decks from hundreds of discoverable cards in this deck-building RPG and uncover the secrets behind the mysterious CasterLords!

9 Till Void Let’s Play by Sampstra Games

9 Till Void is a turn-based deckbuilding roguelike that features neither deck nor cards. As the newly-appointed Spellsword of these lands, you...

Cardaclysm – Gameplay

Let's play Cardaclysm by Elder Games. A deck-building RPG where we face the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. This is the demo...

Let’s play 1971 Project Helios

For sure one of the game i was expecting the most, and finally, yesterday the developers sent me a key. I played...

Crown Trick Hands-On

"They've promised that dreams can come true but forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams too."- Oscar Wilde FREDDY...

Deck of Ashes – Gameplay First-Look

Let's play Deck of Ashes by AYGames. An intriguing turn-based deck-building RPG with cool anti-heroes. Let's see the tutorial to learn the...

Inkulinati – Gameplay

Inkulinati by Yaza Games. One of the most original turn-based games out there. We will use the ink to create our army...

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