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For the King Pc Review

For the King – Review

For the King by IronOak successfully combines the genres of a tactical turned-based, rogue-like, and board game experience that offers five different and randomly generated scenarios that can not only...

9 Amazing
Blood Card

Blood Card – Review

Defeat comes often in Blood Card, but with every defeat comes a determination to get just a bit farther on the next run. A deckbuilding game with roguelike elements, Pixel Cattle’s Blood Card is unfor...

8 Great
Tales of Maj eyal

Tales of Maj’Eyal – Review

Hello there! I am a new reviewer on the site, going by handle Miyokari. With this, I am going to start my debut with Tales of Maj’Eyal. Tales of Maj’Eyal is a turn-based RPG made by N...

9 Amazing
Lords of Xulima - Review

Lords of Xulima – Review

My review for the very challenging turn-based RPG by the spanish indie developer Numantian Games. Let’s talk about Lords of Xulima. Lords of Xulima is a classic turn-based RPG released on 1...

8 Great
Pirate Code - Pc Game

Pirate Code – Review

It’s an honor as a bearded Steam player to share my thoughts on playing Pirate Code last week. A game developed by one bearded developer from CIRCUIT HIVE. And what a missed opportunity it is. T...

Azure Saga: Pathfinder – Preview

We’ve just received Azure Saga: Pathfinder and we are about to install and play it to leave our overview of it. In the meanwhile, below you can find a little some information about this turn-bas...

Ash of Gods Review – GameSpace.com


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