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Video Game fables

Video Game Fables – Overview

Funny, lighthearted RPG with fast, unique, turn-based combat set in a creative, colorful world that hasn't had a player in decades until now.

Desert Revenant

Desert Revenant – Overview

Desert Revenant is a turn-based strategic Roguelike Deck Building RPG packing a huge variety of cards to do battle with. Think about your every move and make careful decisions in hand-crafted encounte...


HeistGeist – Overview

HeistGeist is a story-driven deck building RPG set in a cyberpunk version of Central Europe from the devs behind Blood Will be Spilled.


Numina – Overview

Step through the 4th Wall…into the world of NUMINA. You get in contact with Shawn who is able to hear your voice through the 4th wall! You meet in a very critical moment where Shawn loses someone very...

The Lord of the Rings Third Age

The Final Fantasy-style Lord of the Rings Video Game You Most Likely Don’t Know About

I got into reading back when I was attending elementary school. Sempé’s Le Petit Nicolas was the series that turned me into a bookworm. Le Petit Nicolas is about a little boy who is trying...

Child of Light

Child of Light – An Elegant Fairy Tale

Announced in 2013, Ubisoft's Child of Light seemed to be a rare, for the time, example of a Western RPG inspired by Japanese classics. Its style was influenced by both Studio Ghibli movies and the wor...

Swords and Sandals Immortals

Swords and Sandals Immortals – Overview

What's the game exactly? Imagine turn-based Mortal Kombat. Throw in alien robots, undead barbarians, electric guitars and giant Glamourzons. Add a rocking 1980's synth soundtrack and you've got Swords...

Songs of Conquests

Songs of Conquest – Preview

Songs of Conquest by Lavapotion is a Heroes of Might and Magic-style turn-based strategy, featuring modern pixel art and a refined tactical system.


Oaken – Preview

There are many terrifying monsters in the world of games, aren't there? Whether demons or Lovecraftian abominations, we certainly have to deal with plenty of terrifying creatures. So it's a welcome ch...


Starflight – The Forgotten Influencer

They often say that media pioneers get the blame for everything that went wrong years later - yet no gratitude for their original achievements. It is, of course, mostly a stereotype. Still, it does se...

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger – Take me away, I don’t mind

It's 1992. Aboard a plane there are Yuji Horii (Dragon Quest), Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy) and Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball). No, it's not the intro to some dated joke - but - if it were, the pu...

Dungeon Reels Tactics

Dungeon Reels Tactics – Overview

Dungeon Reels Tactics is a challenging party-based RPG roguelike with Slot Machine based Combat. Your party members’ unique slot machine will supply your abilities each turn. Make the best decis...

The Iron Oath

The Iron Oath – Preview

Curious Panda, previously a mobile exclusive developer, have taken a new turn in their work. Their latest project - The Iron Oath, is a PC game. Published by Humble Games, the project truly feels like...

Dream Tactics

Dream Tactics – Overview

Choose your party, build your decks and battle with cards in Dream Tactics, a turn-based strategy RPG where character customization is key! Lead Neru and friends on an adventure to unravel the mystery...

Starcrawlers Chimera

StarCrawlers Chimera Preview / Hands-on / First Look / Whatever…

As some of you may know, one of the golden rules for journalists writing reviews is "never pass a judgement in the opening paragraph". Well, I am about to do exactly the opposite, and I have two reaso...