Unforetold: Witchstone Key Art

Unforetold: Witchstone – Preview


Unforetold: Witchstone is a turn-based tactical open world computer role-playing game (CRPG) by Spearhead Games set in a unique fantasy ...

K2: Digital Edition, Key Art

K2: Digital Edition Demo – Gameplay Overview


K2: Digital Edition serves as an eye catching video game adaptation to the intense mountain climbing board game, K2. While ...

Clonizer: Demo – Taking A Look At An Adorably Satisfying Hex-Based Roguelike From Space


Roguelikes nowadays have become an entire genre of its own. Spanning a wide-range of subgenres from deckbuilders to shooters to ...

Neon Blood PC Game

2d Tactical RPG Neon Blood – Overview

Marcello TBL

Since I started the blog, Twitter has always been the main source for discovering interesting indie projects, and indeed, what ...

Abalon – Overview


Abalon was released in May 2023. D20Studios LLC developed this game, and there is a Steam demo if you want ...

All Quiet in the Trenches Combat system

Strategy Survival All Quiet in the Trenches – Hands-On

Rex PaperPrototypesPodcast

All Quiet in the Trenches poses itself as a turn-based strategy game and survival game set in the trenches of ...

Jagged Alliance 3

Jagged Alliance 3: Rebuilding a Franchise – Overview

Marcello TBL

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend a few hours playing the new Jagged Alliance game developed by Haemimont Games, ...

XCOM Chimera Squad

Existential Tactics: Dissecting the XCOM-like

Boris Bezdar

It’s been a tough battle, but it seems you’ll manage alright. Probably the last baddie remains—you just have to find ...

Tenebris: Terra Incognita

Tenebris: Terra Incognita – Overview

Marcello TBL

Tenebris: Terra Incognita is an engaging turn-based RPG set in a dark science fiction world. As the player, you will ...


Explore the Flooded Earth of Tactical RPG Highwater

Marcello TBL

Highwater is an intriguing project developed by Demagog Studio, a small indie dev behind the post-apocalyptic game Golf Club: Wasteland. ...

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