Sovereign Syndicate: A Brand New CRPG Game in 2023 You Need To Wishlist Now!


I discovered Sovereign Syndicate when I was searching for brand-new CRPG games, and it seems we may be onto a ...

Veterum - Dark Tactical RPG

Dark Tactical RPG Veterum – Overview

Marcello TBL

Step into a world on the brink of chaos and become the leader of the last army of the Order ...

Small Saga Preview

Small Saga – Overview

Marcello TBL

Small Saga by Jeremy Noghani is a fantasy JRPG where players guide a group of rodents….yes you read right, rodents ...

Saghala Heroes of the Last World

Saghala: Heroes of the Last World – Overview

Marcello TBL

One of my weakest points is pixel art. Give me an appealing pixel art style, and I will do hell ...

Northwind Pc Deckbuilder Game

Northwind – Overview

Marcello TBL

Developed by Barking Kitten Interactive, Northwind is a Deckbuilder Roguelite adventure where players are called to hunt for hostile creatures ...

Eldrum: Red Tide – A Branching Narrative RPG

Marcello TBL

Look for your family in this immersive mobile RPG released in September on iOS and Android stores called Eldrum: Red ...

A Bizarre episodic Metroidvania JRPG

Marcello TBL

Be a hero and find meaning in your painfully dull life! Jeebo & Jerbo is a bizarre episodic Metroidvania/party-based JRPG ...

The Dark Egg

The Dark Egg – A Text-Based Turn-Based RPG for those who don’t like text-based

Marcello TBL

The Dark Egg by indie dev Transcend Pixels is a text-based RPG adventure where players take on the role of ...

Dream Tactics

Save the dream world from pillows in Dream Tactics

Marcello TBL

Dream Tactics is a Card-Based tactic turn-based RPG developed by indie dev Spectra Entertainment Inc. where players will guide various ...

Troy Total War

Should you play Troy: A Total War Saga? An epic scale Bronze Age Turn-Based Game? Then Yes!


Troy A Total War Saga is perhaps one of the most underrated titles of the Total War series; for it ...