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Unleash Your Inner God In Tactical Grid-Based The One Who Stands Behind – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

The One Who Stands Behind

An Indie Game Featuring a Unique Mix Of Deck-Buildings And Tactics Mechanics

The One Who Stands Behind is an upcoming indie tactics game from developer Hexaltation. This game combines a deck builder’s intensity with a tactical grid’s strategic complexity, all while delving into profound existential conversations with your in-game avatar.

The One Who Stands Behind

In The One Who Stands Behind, players accept the challenge of the Gods, battling hordes of monsters in a fast-paced, grid-based environment. The game stands out for its unique blend of deck-building mechanics and tactical grid combat, offering a refreshing twist to the roguelike genre.

Players will build their decks on the fly, discovering and combining cards that work efficiently together. Each enemy encountered possesses special abilities, prompting players to devise innovative strategies to overcome them. The game features a hex-based battlefield where manipulating tiles to gain an advantage is crucial, as is preventing enemies from doing the same.

One of the game’s most intriguing aspects is its narrative layer, where players engage in existential dialogues with their avatar, a daemon-trickster named Shakrah. Shakrah, the god of Destruction, travels through worlds created by other gods, defeating and absorbing their powers. This journey not only enhances Shakrah’s abilities but also enriches his character, leading to insightful conversations with the player.

Key Features

  • Deck-Building Mechanics: Create a unique deck during each run, discovering powerful combinations and spells.
  • Grid-Based Tactics: Use the hex-grid battlefield to your advantage, employing strategic moves and countering enemy tactics.
  • Existential Conversations: Engage in meaningful dialogues with Shakrah, exploring deep themes and insights.
  • Gods and Elements: Each god represents one of the Five Elements and has unique characteristics and abilities. Use the power of one god to defeat another, navigating their rivalries and alliances.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: Experience a variety of levels, each with distinct enemies and challenges. Survive waves of monsters and face off against powerful gods in boss battles.
  • Meta-Progression: Unlock new worlds, cards, difficulty levels, and special rules as you progress through the game.

Currently, The One Who Stands Behind is available as a free playable demo on Steam, featuring one enemy god. The developers at Hexaltation regularly update the demo based on player feedback and are actively developing additional content. The full game is slated for release in the first quarter of 2025 on PC. Below is an overview of the game via Steam, screens, and trailer.


Accept the challenge of the Gods and fight them in the fast-paced deckbuilder fused with grid-based tactics.

Fight with the unique deck that you build on the fly.
Discover cards which work efficiently together.
Learn special abilities of each enemy and invent your own ways to deal with them.

Use the power of one god to defeat another. Each of them is an enemy, each of them is your character and each of them expresses one of The Five Elements. But will your puppet gods always agree on who is actually in charge here? All of them have something to discuss with you and something to argue about.

Considering the cards you have and gain during the run, manipulate the tiles of hex-based battlefield to get advantage. And don’t let enemies to use them against you.

Make defeated gods unite with you to earn back the integrity and bring balance to the soul of The One Who Stands Behind.


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