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Clair Obscure: Expedition 33 RPG

Kill The Paintress In This Ambitious Reactive Turn-Based JRPG

Marcello TBL

Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 Is Already One Of The Most Anticipated RPGs. Here is our overview A few days ago, ...

10 New Turn-Based RPG AnnouncEments

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All the latest “wow” announcements in terms of RPGs and Strategy games The Summer Fest 2024 events were truly vibrant ...

Top 10 PC RPGs to Try During Steam Next Fest June 2024

Top 10 Turn-Based RPGs You Must Try During The Steam Next Fest Of June 2024

Marcello TBL

Try Out These PC Demos and thank me later… Actually, I’m on vacation, and it’s my first one in 7 ...

Fangs And Forges Tactical RPG

A Medieval-Fantasy Open World RPG – Fangs & Forges – Overview

Marcello TBL

Join the Fight Against Ancient Corruption in a Richly Detailed Fantasy World Solo dev Alpenwolf Studio is working on a ...

Miasma Chronicles Reviews

There Are 2 Masterpieces Turn-Based Games Inside Humble Choice of June 2024 that you shouldn’t miss

Marcello TBL

One is an RPG; the other is a Strategy Game; both are awesome… I’ve been subscribed to Humble Choice for ...

Indie Showcase - 10 Promising Turn-Based RPGs

Indie Showcase – 10 Of Latest And Most Promising Turn-Based RPGs

Marcello TBL

These are some of the most promising PC Indie RPGs we have talked about lately Lately, I have been regularly ...

Granser Jrpg

Fight The Core Conspiracy in Unique Turn-Based JRPG Granser – Overview

Marcello TBL

Granser is a story-driven RPG developed by Steve Gal and published by Pugware. Inspired by classic JRPGs, the game follows ...

Xenogears And Vagrant Story Had a Baby – SacriFire Preview

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A Love Letter To Classic JRPGs From Pixelated Milk We initially discussed SacriFire in 2021, and I’m saying this not ...

Whispers in the Moss JRPG

Explore An ASCII-Styled Ancient Rome In RPG Whispers in the Moss – Overview

Marcello TBL

A Retro JRPG Crafted By a Solo Dev During 12 Years Whispers in the Moss is a retro JRPG set ...

Top RPG News And Releases Of The Week 2 June 2024

Everything Turn-Based – Weekly RPG News And Releases 2 June 2024

Marcello TBL

This week’s RPG weekly recap is highlighted by the release of two highly anticipated titles and some important news. Personally, ...

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