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Sea of Stars: Evolving Retro RPGs – Review


Bridging the Past and Present of RPG Design Developed by Sabotage Studio, Sea of Stars is a turn-based RPG that ...

Oaken – Review


Restore the Oak Song and Save the Forest in this Stylish Turn-Based Tactical Roguelite Game Here comes another deck builder. ...

Wandering Sword Review

Wandering Sword – Review


HD-2D Meets Ancient China: Let’s explore the world of Wandering Sword Wandering Sword belongs to a widely untapped video game ...

Cross Tails

Cross Tails: A Mesmerizing Journey Through a War-Torn Fantasy World – Review


Released in July 2023 on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Playstation, Cross Tails is a tactical turn-based RPG ...

Jagged Alliance 3

Jagged Alliance 3 – Review


Jagged Alliance 3, by Haemimont Games, is a turn-based tactical strategy game where the player manages mercenaries in seeking to ...

Shadows of Forbidden Gods – Ending the World in Style – Review


Every so often, a new game hits our digital shelves that surprises us with its innovation. Whether this is some ...

Xenonauts 2 – Preview


If you are a fan of the classic X-COM games, then you probably already have your eye on this one. ...

Jagged Alliance 3

Jagged Alliance 3: Did they screw it up? – First Impressions

Marcello TBL

Jagged Alliance is one of the most beloved series in the world of strategy games, thanks to its first two ...

The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie – Review

Charlie Norris

There aren’t many RPGs — or games for that fact — that can say each game/spinoff/sub-series has been connected to ...

Raging Bytes – Review


KEMCO announces the release of Raging Bytes for Xbox consoles, PC, PlayStation 5 / PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for the Standard price of 14.99 USD ...

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