Warhammer 40.000 Battlesector


The planet Baal, and its two moons, Prime and Secundus are in danger. The Tyranids invaded Secundus and the Blood Angels are there to clean their homeworld. This turn-based tactical game put...

8.5 Great
Old World Strategy Game

Old World – Review

Civilization meets Crusader Kings:  that’s the elevator pitch for new 4X strategy “Old World”.  The new game from indie producers Mohawk Games recently released exclusively to Epic Games Store.  Lead ...

9 Amazing
Valor & Victory

Valor & Victory – Review

Board games, you remember those right?  Being sat around a table with your friends, a nice bowl of snacks and drinks at the ready, enjoying each other’s company while you roll dice, draw cards an...

6 Fair


The members of the Fuzz Force have a new mission: to catch the “terrific” Polter prince. It’s time to help them on this quest on this turn-based tabletop game-like rogue-like title. ...

6.5 Fair
Godking Master Of Rituals

Godking: Master of Rituals – Review

WHAT TO EXPECT: Fantasy 4X turn-based strategy. Basic global maps. Command a single capital city. Capture neutral or enemy settlements. Automated turn-based battles. Impressive range of warrior gods. ...

6 Fair


PS Vita was a console with interesting turn-based games. Also, an important part of the available titles were Dungeon Crawlers, like Mind Zero, Mary Skelter Nightmares, Sword of Stranger Cit...

7.5 Good
Strategic Mind: Fight For Freedom

Strategic Mind: Fight For Freedom – Review

Owing a touch of inspiration to the classic Panzer General series and its five star cousins, Strategic Mind: Fight for Freedom (hereafter referred to as SM:FF) is the latest in the growing series from...

7 Good
Solasta Featured

Solasta: Crown of the Magister – Review

Solasta: Crown of the Magister,by Tactical Adventures, is a tactical turn based CRPG based on the Dungeon & Dragons 5th Edition rule set. It has a unique setting, Solasta; where an ancient road in...

8 Great
Strategic Mind: Spectre Of Communism

Strategic Mind: Spectre of Communism

WHAT TO EXPECT: WWII strategy wargame. Tactical turn-based battles. Narrative linked campaign of 20x historical battles. Cutscene briefings with voice-overs. Command a core force. RPG style army and u...

7.5 Good

SaGa Frontier Remastered – Review

They just don’t make JRPGs like they used to. Either that or maybe I’m just getting old and screaming these words at the kids who are out on my lawn. Whichever it is, the entertainment val...

8 Great

Insurmountable – Review

Whenever mankind has been confronted with a seemingly impassable barrier, they will always seek to overcome it.  Oceans are navigated, rivers forded and, of course, mountains are scaled by brave ...

7 Good

Armello – Review

Armello is recommended for all fans of turn-based games and especially tabletop games. A few rough edges shouldn’t dissuade you from playing this gem that has both pleasing aesthetics and engaging ris...

8 Great


From the French studio, Goblinz Studio, and after more than a year on Early Access, comes the release of Legend of Keepers, a dungeon management game, where you work as an evil boss for the Dungeons C...

8.5 Great
Combat Mission Black Sea

Combat Mission Black Sea – Review

A hybrid of turn based and real time strategy, players plotted the movement of squads of infantry and individual vehicles in battles ranging from small scale skirmishes all the way up to sprawling cit...

7 Good

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