Dead Monarchy – Review

Harry Ted Sprinks

Sandbox RPGs such as Battle Brothers and Mount & Blade: Warband are few and far between. At least, good ones ...

Kingsvein Cover

Kingsvein Review


Join me as we explore the interesting world of Kingsvein. A new open world turn-based game with deep tactical combat ...

Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles – Review

Harry Ted Sprinks

Ever since Slay The Spire released to commercial success and injected deck-building mechanics into the mainstream of indie games, many ...

Deep Sky Derelicts Station Life

Deep Sky Derelicts – Review

Rex PaperPrototypesPodcast

Steam is a treasure trove of games that includes both the latest releases and classic titles that are decades old. ...

Aetheris Key Art



Aetheris is a Tactical RPG with Roguelite elements and a unique graphic style developed by Wild Wits for PC. It ...

Undergrave, Key Art

Undergrave – Review


Undergrave is a recent addition to the realm of 2D Roguelike Turn-based games and was developed and Published by Wired ...

Backpack Hero

Backpack Hero – Review


If you are looking for a unique turn-based roguelite, then you are in the right spot. Backpack Hero mixes roguelite ...

Aces & Adventures – Review


Aces & Adventures is a Steam-only game, and it was released in February 2023 developed by Yogscast, and was bundled ...

For The King 2

For The King 2 – A Spiritual Sequel Stuck Between Fun And Unfun


After the launch of the sequel, there was a question that attracted a lot of attention from many players: What ...

LunarLux – Review


I want you for the Lunex Force! Join the defense against the onslaught of the antimatter abomination, The Murks. Download ...

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