Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles – Review

Harry Ted Sprinks

Ever since Slay The Spire released to commercial success and injected deck-building mechanics into the mainstream of indie games, many ...

Deep Sky Derelicts Station Life

Deep Sky Derelicts – Review

Rex PaperPrototypesPodcast

Steam is a treasure trove of games that includes both the latest releases and classic titles that are decades old. ...

Aetheris Key Art



Aetheris is a Tactical RPG with Roguelite elements and a unique graphic style developed by Wild Wits for PC. It ...

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If you are looking for a unique turn-based roguelite, then you are in the right spot. Backpack Hero mixes roguelite ...

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Aces & Adventures is a Steam-only game, and it was released in February 2023 developed by Yogscast, and was bundled ...

For The King 2

For The King 2 – A Spiritual Sequel Stuck Between Fun And Unfun


After the launch of the sequel, there was a question that attracted a lot of attention from many players: What ...

LunarLux – Review


I want you for the Lunex Force! Join the defense against the onslaught of the antimatter abomination, The Murks. Download ...


Cobalt Core Review


Get ready to be looped into the next turn-based game that clashes FTL: Faster Than Light with Slay the Spire. ...

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After nearly a decade spent in development making sure that every element falls into place. dotAGE, the highly anticipated roguelike ...