Top 20 Best Upcoming Turn-Based JRPGs

Written by Marcello TBL

Top Upcoming Turn-Based JRPGs 2024 up to 2026

Here are all the most significant JRPGs with a scheduled release date between 2024 and 2026:

JRPGs are by far my favorite genre of games. This preference stems from a very long time ago when the PlayStation was churning out title after title, each one better than the last. Those were the years of Final Fantasy VII, Legend of Dragoon, Shadow Hearts, Dragon Quest, Xenogears, and many others.

It’s true that there was a lot of room for innovation back then, both in terms of graphics and mechanics and this fostered a plethora of titles from the Land of the Rising Sun that offered engaging plots and innovative features.

However, turn-based mechanics fell out of fashion for a long period, giving way to action-oriented JRPGs that I honestly can’t quite get into, especially when applied to genre mainstays like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest. – rumors talk about an action turn for the twelfth chapter of the series – Fortunately, though, it seems that in recent years, the trend has slightly improved, as demonstrated by some of the recent successes in both the Triple-A space and, especially the Indie scene. Think of JRPGs like Yakuza: Like a Dragon, which even reversed the trend, shifting the franchise from pure action to a successful turn-based formula, or Sea Of Stars, an Indie masterpiece that highlights what PS and PS2 titles used to offer.

In this list, after a request from a YouTube community member, I decided to take stock of what’s brewing in the coming months and years regarding more substantial turn-based JRPGs. I managed to come up with 20 promising RPGs that can be tagged as Japanese Role-Playing Games, even if some of them don’t come from Japan but offer exactly the combat system and mechanics that titles from the past have accustomed us to.

Clair Obscur: Expedition 33

I’ll start this JRPG list with the most recent announcement and perhaps one of the most exciting: Clair Obscur: Expedition 33. This RPG puts players in charge of Expedition 33 to stop The Paintress, who awakens every year to paint a cursed number on her monolith, erasing those of that age from existence.

Clair Obscure Expedition 33

The plot is incredibly original, the graphic style is exceptional, and the combat system promises several innovations, featuring mechanics where reactivity, dodging, and parrying are unusually part of the turn-based combat system.

Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 will be released on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation in 2025. The exciting news is that it will be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one. For more information, you can find my overview of the title here.


Moving on to an indie JRPG that promises a compelling story told from the perspective of eight heroes who will come together to face a centuries-long conflict plaguing the planet. Similar to Octopath Traveler, in Quartet, players can choose which character to lead first, shaping the story that will intertwine with the others.

Quartet JRPG

The combat system revolves around a party of eight heroes, with players able to field four characters at a time and swap in reserves for continuous action and strategic AP regeneration. Boasting pixel art graphics and retro JRPG elements, Quartet will arrive sometime in 2024 on PC via Steam.

Penny Blood

Anyone who grew up with 90s video games can’t help but be excited for Penny Blood. This JRPG takes the mantle from none other than Shadow Hearts, a series that, starting in 2001, was among the few to offer a darker and more serious plot and setting compared to the genre’s standards.

Penny Blood plunges players into a gothic horror JRPG set in the Roaring Twenties. The game follows Matthew Farrell, a private detective in New York who wields accursed fusion transformation powers inherited from his father. Tasked by the Bureau of Investigation, Matthew embarks on a globe-trotting quest to uncover the truth behind a series of monstrous events, starting with a gruesome incident at a mental asylum.

Penny Blood Gameplay

Players will explore detailed overworld maps and field maps across America, Europe, and Asia, encountering allies and adversaries while confronting cosmic horrors. The innovative Psycho Sigil battle system combines turn-based strategy with real-time reactions, challenging players to maximize their attacks. Sanity Points add another layer of depth, where characters risk succumbing to madness for increased power. The game features an atmospheric soundtrack by Hirota Yoshitaka (known for his work on Shadow Hearts and Shadow Hearts Covenant) and Akari Kaida (Breath Of Fire 3), blending eerie dread with jazz influences.

I should mention that Matsuzo Machida, the developer, and Miyako Kato, the character designer, are both responsible for Shadow Hearts. So, the expectations are high, even though there’s no confirmed release date yet. We hope for at least a 2025 release on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Armed Fantasia

The next title is the spiritual successor to Wild Arms, developed by the same team that worked on the masterpiece in 1996. It’s called Armed Fantasia and goes hand in hand with Penny Blood, as they shared a Kickstarter campaign that was, unsurprisingly, a massive success.

Armed Fantasia

Armed Fantasia takes players on a dramatic journey through a world teetering on the brink of destruction. Set in the Westernpunk land of Londenium, the story centers around Ingram, a young man who becomes a Pathfinder after losing his grandfather. With the powerful ARM (Aether Reaction Maximizer) weaponry, Ingram and his companions fight Anomalies and uncover a monumental battle that shapes Londenium’s fate.

The game features a sprawling World Map for high-speed exploration across land, sea, and air, while dungeon exploration leverages unique character Gadgets to solve puzzles. Its turn-based combat system, Cross Order Tactics, emphasizes strategic play with Chain Orders and Force Breaks for engaging battles. It is slated to release on the same platforms as Penny Blood—PC, Xbox, and PlayStation—but the exact release date remains unknown.

Mario & Luigi: Brothership

Announced just a few days ago during the Nintendo Direct, Mario & Luigi: Brothership takes the iconic brothers on a brand-new high-seas adventure. Set on the unique Shipshape Island, part ship and part island, Mario and Luigi travel across the expansive world of Concordia.

Mario & Luigi: Brothership

Players will launch from Shipshape’s cannon to explore diverse islands, ranging from lush rainforests to vibrant cities. Along the way, they will meet new characters like Connie and Snoutlet, as well as familiar faces like Peach and Bowser, who can either assist or challenge them. The game emphasizes the brothers’ teamwork, utilizing Bros. moves to navigate obstacles and Bros. attacks for a fresh take on turn-based combat. This exciting announcement is also noteworthy because it will arrive relatively soon on Nintendo Switch on November 7, 2024.

Light Fairytale Episode 3

Many may not be familiar with this little indie gem, which was developed by a one-person dev and is now reaching its third installment. Set in a dying underground world ruled by an oppressive empire, Light Fairytale Episode 3 continues Haru’s journey as he gathers new and familiar allies in a quest to discover the lost ‘Sky.

Light Fairytale Episode 3

This episode promises to blend classic turn-based battles with modern real-time 3D graphics and charming chibi characters, aiming to evoke the nostalgia of 90s JRPGs with contemporary design enhancements. Players can expect a storyline filled with twists and emotional depth, along with features such as ultra-wide and stereoscopic 3D support.

The game offers a compact yet rich experience, with each episode designed to be standalone yet enhanced by importing saves from previous episodes. While waiting for the 2024 release on PC, you can try the first two episodes to get acquainted with the world and story.

Sword of Convallaria

Raise your hand if you also want a new title from the Final Fantasy Tactics series! Surely, your hand is up, and perhaps the closest thing to a Square title today is Sword of Convallaria. This fantasy tactical RPG revitalizes the beloved Japanese turn-based and pixel art genres.

Sword of Convallaria Gameplay

Set in the mineral-rich country of Iria, players take on the role of a mercenary leader navigating political turmoil and external threats. The game features strategic grid-based combat, where players deploy unique allies and utilize terrain for tactical advantages. A choice-based narrative ensures that decisions impact the story and town evolution.

Players can recruit, train, and customize a roster of mercenaries, embarking on quests set to a soundtrack by renowned composer Hitoshi Sakimoto. The game also includes Japanese voice-over performances from over 40 notable anime and game voice actors. The release date is set for August 1st, 2024, on PC.

Guns Undarkness

It has somewhat fallen off the radar recently, and to be honest, the graphic style of Guns Undarkness doesn’t quite excite me. However, the reason I’m keeping an eye on this JRPG is simply that it’s developed by Shoji Meguro, the composer who worked on practically the entire Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series. Out of the blue, he decided to become an indie developer and dedicate himself to Guns Undarkness.

Guns Undarkness

Set in a futuristic world ravaged by nuclear war, players join a Private Military Company (PMC) and embark on perilous missions alongside their team. The game blends tactical turn-based combat with stealth mechanics, allowing players to position their squad and ambush enemies for combat advantages.

With a relationship system that enhances team abilities and a narrative shaped by the aftermath of a global cataclysm, players will explore themes of love, survival, and revolution. The game features contributions from artist Ilya Kuvshinov and musician Lotus Juice, enhancing its atmospheric storytelling and visual appeal. Guns Undarkness is expected sometime in 2024 on PC and possibly consoles.


DecaPolice, showcased at TGS 2023, has emerged as a standout title from Level-5, capturing the essence of a Crime Suspense RPG with a blend of diverse mechanics. It tries to innovate as it uniquely combines an original ATB battle system with a detailed investigation process, requiring players to gather evidence and deduce events using the Case Board.

DecaPolice JRPG

Players utilize the Deca-Sim to investigate crime scenes, apprehend suspects, and unravel deeper mysteries. Combat focuses on restraint rather than destruction, with a hybrid ATB-action system allowing real-time dodging and strategic skill use. The game’s depth is highlighted by complex scenarios, such as hostage situations requiring precise skills to un-restrain teammates. DecaPolice is set for release on PlayStation 4, 5, and Nintendo Switch, potentially slipping from its 2023 target to 2024.

ALZARA: Radiant Echoes

It practically shattered its Kickstarter campaign, reaching its minimum goal within hours, and now it’s gearing up for a release that won’t happen before 2026 on PC and consoles. ALZARA: Radiant Echoes is a captivating JRPG set in a vibrant fantasy world, highlighted by masters such as Motoi Sakuraba (composer for titles like Dark Souls, the Tales series, Star Ocean, and many others) and Yoshiro Ambe (character designer for Fire Emblem, among others).

ALZARA Radiant Echoes RPG

This RPG takes players into the world of Alzara to defend it from the invading forces of the Vedores. It offers a game world rich in exploratory puzzles and a combat system featuring four characters with the ability to swap between the front and rear guard. Additionally, it includes an intriguing summoning system that helps players bring legends onto the battlefield to turn the tide of battle. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a bit longer, but all the elements for a major title are there.


I tried it during the last Steam Next Fest, and I can confidently say that Sacrifire will be one of the most captivating JRPGs to see the light of day, though I don’t know when that will be. The game features 2.5D graphics reminiscent of one of my all-time favorite titles, Xenogears.

SacriFire Exploration

Sacrifire offers an interesting dungeon exploration system in 2D with platformer mechanics and the ability to avoid encounters using precise timing. When it comes to combat, Sacrifire provides a hybrid between real-time and turn-based systems.

For those who remember, it’s somewhat like Vagrant Story. When the player moves their character on the combat map, enemies will move and attack as well. However, when there are no inputs, everything pauses, allowing the player to analyze the enemies and decide on their next moves. I discussed this in detail in my preview. Anyway, it’s a game you should keep an eye or two on.


Persona 6 is undoubtedly one of the JRPGs everyone reading this article is eagerly waiting to play or at least learn more about beyond the few speculations and leaks that have surfaced recently. But I have a very worthy alternative for you in the meantime. It’s called Demonschool, an RPG with pixel graphics that brings back the mechanics of the Atlus series, including school days, character relationships, and a tactical combat system on grid-based mini-maps.

Demonschool RPG

I should mention that there’s a playable demo on Steam, so you can check it out for yourself. The settings have a slightly dark and occasionally macabre charm thanks to a truly inspired monster concept. Fortunately, Demonschool is a title set to release on September 13, 2024, on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Bloomtown: A Different Story

Another project I love due to its truly inspired pixel art graphics is Bloomtown: A Different Story. In some ways, it stays on the theme of Demonschool because, at first glance, the game seems set in a pleasant and colorful world. However, behind it lies a dark side—or rather, an entire dark world—that inevitably brings to mind Stranger Things.

Bloomtown JRPG

Another unexpected thing about this game is its complexity. We’re not talking about the classic JRPG adventure; instead, it includes social mechanics that allows players to form bonds with NPCs in exchange for various bonuses. There are also monster-taming mechanics, as players can capture creatures to bring into battle and life simulator elements that let the avatar earn something from summer jobs or improve their stats by going to the gym.

In short, there’s a lot going on in Bloomtown, and the best part is that you can already try it out through the demo on Steam. The game is expected to be released on PC and all modern consoles worldwide in the third quarter of 2024.

Persona 6

I know there’s very little concrete information so far, but since we’re looking ahead to releases up to 2026, I couldn’t leave out Persona 6. Although details are sparse, notable leakers have indicated that green will be the main color theme of the game, with a potential release in 2025.

Top RPGs Persona 5

The game is rumored to be open-world, maintaining the structure that has defined previous titles in the series, but with more fluid social dynamics. However, I must emphasize that these are just neighborhood rumors and speculations at this point.

Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero

This is a title that many people are attached to because of its predecessor and its connection to another famous series, Disgaea. Anyway, the freshly announced Phantom Brave: The Lost Hero offers a tactical, gridless combat system with the unique feature of being able to bind spirits to objects on the map, altering their stats and abilities.

Phantom Brave The Lost Hero

The story traditionally doesn’t take itself too seriously, and there are numerous units to use and objects to combine to create powerful allies on the battlefield. The title was announced during the Nintendo Direct and is expected to be released in 2025 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

LumenTale: Memories of Trey

This intriguing monster-taming RPG called LumenTale: Memories of Trey was funded through a triumphant Kickstarter campaign. With its colorful world, classic turn-based combat, and numerous Onimons (the game’s monsters) to capture—using a yo-yo-like device or through battling—this game promises an engaging experience.

LumenTale - Upcoming Turn-Based RPGs 2023

Players will explore Talea as Trey, a young boy who, after experiencing amnesia, must embark on a journey to remember his past. Along the way, players will engage in various minigames, puzzles, and exploration, uncovering secrets and treasures. There’s no release date yet for this exciting JRPG, which is set to arrive on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Metaphor: Refantazio

Perhaps one of the most anticipated JRPGs for me and especially for fans of the Persona series, as the developers are the same ones behind Atlus’ renowned Persona 3, 4, and 5. Metaphor: Refantazio promises many similarities but also plenty of differences. First and foremost, it features a medieval fantasy setting that blends grand cities with vast desolate spaces and a turn-based combat system that introduces real-time mechanics.

The social aspect of the game is also significant. During the day, the focus will be on balancing quests, dungeon exploration, and treasure hunting within the game world. At night, players will need to nurture their relationships with the characters in the game.

Metaphor Refantazio

A system called Archetype will manage the growth of various party members, allowing for the unlocking of abilities related to different classes. Another interesting detail that emerged during various demonstrations is that it will be impossible to visit all the locations and explore all the content in a single run. I believe Metaphor: Refantazio will be one of the best titles of 2024 when it releases on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on October 11th.


Another incredibly interesting title recently announced during one of the Summer Fest 2024 events is Prisma. This intriguing JRPG is developed by the same creators of Cris Tales, who certainly know a thing or two about originality and graphic style.

Prisma JRPG

Prisma showcases a similarly stylish concept, introducing mechanics related to cameras. In Cris Tales, players had to manipulate time, altering the past, present, and future while in this new title, players will use filters and effects to shape the game world during explorations and battles.

The protagonist is Alma, a girl who is transported to a different reality where she meets characters from other worlds. Based on her choices, she will need to build relationships with them. With so many interesting elements, we can only wait for its release on PC and consoles.

Legends Of Starkadia

Legends of Starkadia is another title that can be tagged as a Paper Mario-like due to its graphic style and combat system full of timing mechanics. The game is set within a parallel universe, specifically in the once-peaceful now chaotic Starkadian Empire.

Legends of Starkadia RPG

You can expect humor typical of such a title, with absurdly funny dialogues, a game world full of side quests, and a plot that promises interesting twists. With 12 characters to control and develop to unlock new skills, and a fresh, dynamic combat system, Legends of Starkadia is definitely a JRPG to keep an eye on. A public demo is planned for the summer, and a Kickstarter campaign will launch in 2025, so there’s some waiting involved.

Lost Hellden

And we wrap up this list of the top JRPGs in development with another fascinating title from the developers of the acclaimed Astria Ascending. Lost Hellden features a unique 3D hand-painted captivates players with its richly detailed environments enhanced by dynamic lighting and weather effects. As Cyphel and his band of diverse allies, players navigate a mature and intricately woven narrative, balancing the struggle against their inherent sins to secure a place in the revered Sacred Land of Hellden.

Lost Hellden RPG

Lost Hellden features a highly customizable character system, allowing players to tailor their heroes’ abilities and appearance to suit their playstyle. The innovative battle system blends action and strategy, offering a fresh take on traditional RPG combat. With eight distinct characters, each bound by their unique sin, the gameplay promises to be varied and engaging. Su PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation e Xbox nel corso del 2025.

You’ve reached the end of this extensive list of promising JRPGs, and it’s worth noting that I’ve excluded all the remakes and remastered. So, titles like Dragon Quest III Remake, Suikoden Remake, and the recently announced Romancing Saga 2: Revenge of the Seven are not part of this list, but they are certainly noteworthy releases.

Now, let me know what you think about these JRPGs and this category of games in general. Join our Discord server, or connect with me on X (formerly Twitter) or on my YouTube channel. See you there!


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