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10 New Turn-Based RPG AnnouncEments

Written by Marcello TBL


All the latest “wow” announcements in terms of RPGs and Strategy games

The Summer Fest 2024 events were truly vibrant and packed with new RPG announcements. I’ve seen some grumbling about the Triple-A titles, but when it comes to indie games, there’s not much to complain about. In fact, we Turn Based Lovers had a particularly good showing this year.

Yeah, we did great, especially with the announced RPGs, which caught my eye. Meanwhile, I’m still on vacation, juggling Next Fest demos, taking dips in the water, and sipping drinks on the beach, but here I am, putting together a list of the most promising titles that were showcased during the events.

Summer Game Fest has risen from the ashes of the now-defunct E3, promising events, announcements, and special evenings all summer long, culminating in the closing night at Gamescom in August.

There were a ton of indie projects presented, and I’ve picked out 10 turn-based RPGs that you should definitely add to your wishlist right away.

Lost Hellden

I’m opening this list with a JRPG that’s a pure homage to the classic RPGs on the PS1, and that alone is enough to get the hype going, but there’s more. The game is called Lost Hellden and it’s developed by Artisan Studio, known for Super Neptunia RPG and the more recent and acclaimed Astria Ascending. The team boasts notable figures like Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy XII, Tactics Ogre, etc.) as Music and Audio Director, and Takeshi Oga (Gravity Rush, Siren, etc.) as Illustrator.

Lost Hellden features a unique graphic style

Lost Hellden is set in 3D hand-painted world of Era where inhabitants are intrinsically linked to the Seven Deadly Sins from infancy. Players will navigate the lives of eight unique and highly customizable characters. The game promises an engaging and mature storyline, where each character’s fate is influenced by their struggle against their Sin. The battle system is designed to blend action and strategy, offering flexible gameplay tailored to player preferences.

Basically, there are two phases: one where players can attack and give commands with all the time they need because the game world freezes, and then there’s the phase where the players must dodge enemy attacks in real-time. That’s essentially it, but there’s a presentation video that explains all the details well. Lost Hellden is expected to be released in 2025 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, and I already can’t wait.

Project DOSA

The team at Outerloop Games always delivers something that can’t be easily categorized, like their eccentric previous work Thirsty Suitors. Their new title seems no different, offering their unmistakable graphic style mixed with platforming mechanics, turn-based combat, and a giant mech to upgrade.

The game features a giant mech to upgrade

In Project DOSA, players navigate a colorful world in an upgradeable mech, experiencing a unique blend of platforming, cooking, and turn-based combat. The story follows sisters Samara and Amani as they journey to reconnect with friends and family, battling corporate forces and discovering new recipes to cook delicious meals.

The game’s vibrant, humorous aesthetic is complemented by its focus on relationships and community, emphasizing the cultural and emotional significance of food. Players can upgrade their mech with mechanical and fantastical abilities, enhancing their experience as they build their reputation with local communities and bond with loved ones. We must wait a little for its release date because set for 2026 on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

Among The Stars

Among The Stars is also an RPG that combines platforming dynamics with turn-based combat. The game takes players to the wilds of Brazil, leading a young girl who can transform into a wolf and must defend her land from an evil power. The title is reminiscent of Indivisible, both in exploration and combat dynamics.

Platform mechanics and turn-based battles

So far, the game has been showcased in a trailer featuring anime-style character animations, along with exploration and combat phases. Among The Stars is expected to release on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, although there isn’t a store page for it yet.

WILD Tactics

Anthropomorphic characters fighting on maps inspired by the 1950s aesthetic in an X-COM style?! Count me in.

Anthropomorphic characters fight in XCOM Style

WILD Tactics is a tactical strategy game set in the gritty, animal-populated city of Clawville. Developed by The Wild Gentlemen and published by Joystick Ventures, the game combines turn-based combat with a deeply narrative-driven experience. Players command the W.I.L.D. Squad, a team of outcasts, mercenaries, and ex-soldiers, to battle organized crime and uncover a sinister conspiracy.

With missions, numerous side missions, and extensive squad and base management, WILD Tactics promises a unique blend of strategy and story in a world teetering on the brink of collapse. WILD Tactics is a PC game with no release date for now.


In 2021, the developers of the game I’m about to introduce launched a unique JRPG called Cris Tales. The title featured intriguing time-management dynamics, allowing players to move through time during both exploration and combat. Now, Dreams Uncorporated has announced their new game, which looks just as stylish as their previous work.

Latest work from Cris Tales Developer

The game is called Prisma, and it’s a JRPG that puts players in the shoes of photographer Alma as she navigates the infinite possibilities and evolutions of the story based on her choices. Players can use the power of photography to alter the surrounding world with filters and effects.

You can definitely expect some interesting dynamics in the combat system. Prisma is set to release on PC and is gearing up for a Kickstarter campaign to bring the title to consoles as well potentially.

Dwellink: War of the Nine

What happens if you add turn-based combat and monster-catching mechanics to Skyrim? You get Dwellink: War Of The Nine. An RPG featuring impressive 3D graphics and what looks like a truly inspired fantasy game world.

Skyrim meets Pokemon

Players take on the role of Gero, a young student destined to play a crucial role in ending the cataclysm. The game combines exploration, strategy, and deep turn-based combat as players capture and train over a hundred unique Dwellers (that’s what the monsters are called), each with distinct powers and abilities. Challenging environments, formidable bosses, and a strategic combat system are some of the key features of Dwellink: War of the Nine, which is expected on PC, but I don’t know when.

Eternal Eclipse

Another truly interesting title is Paper Mario-Like Codex: Eternal Eclipse. This newly announced retro-inspired turn-based RPG, developed by Mogu for PC, follows the quirky adventures of four unique main characters, each with their own backstories and side quests, as they battle gods, colossal corporations, and bizarre foes.

A new Paper Mario-like RPG

The narrative, rich with adult humor and mature themes, revolves around the mystery of the Eternal Eclipse and the ancient secrets it holds. The gameplay features a platformer-inspired navigation system, allowing characters to climb, jump, and hoist up ledges, breaking away from the traditional grid-based movement.

Combat is dynamic, involving active player input during attack animations with timed hits, dodging, and parrying. Special moves include minigame sequences for extra damage, and each character has unique abilities that can be used to unlock new areas and skills in battles. Visually, the game blends retro 2D RPG aesthetics with beautiful, realistic 3D world elements, creating a unique and engaging experience. Keep an eye on it. Guess what… release date yet.

Forgotten But Unbroken

Technically, this strategy RPG had already been announced, but in the past few days, a new playable demo has finally arrived. Forgotten But Unbroken is a World War Tactical Strategy RPG where players lead the resistance against the Axis Forces.

Forgotten But Unbroken Screen
Tactical RPG with a new demo available

Developed by Centurion Developments and published by MicroProse Software, the game draws inspiration from real events and unsung heroes of the war. It offers unique mechanics and a deep narrative experience. Players lead resistance forces, engage in defense missions, and interact with historical figures.

The game features a dual narrative, blending global historical events with the personal story of Commander Martin. Players manage six classes of soldiers, each with distinct abilities and traits, and build and maintain a base to support their troops. Set primarily in central Europe, particularly Czechoslovakia, Forgotten But Unbroken incorporates diplomacy and politics, allowing players to garner ally support through successful missions. The release date will probably be in 2024, but you can try the demo in the meantime.

Happy Bastards

Happy Bastards contends for a top spot in this list of new RPG announcements. It’s a tactical strategy game. where players step into the shoes of Kev, an unscrupulous opportunist aiming to become the land’s most famous “hero” by any means necessary.

A tactical RPG which uses unconventional methods

The gameplay involves assembling and managing a squad of mercenaries to undertake risky missions while Kev reaps the rewards. The game features turn-based grid combat, real-time world exploration, and a variety of customization options for mercenaries, including unique attributes, skills, and personalities. Players must navigate a richly crafted world filled with diverse towns, dungeons, and NPCs, whose actions and interactions evolve dynamically based on the player’s decisions.

The emphasis is on tactical battles, overcoming injuries and permadeath through unconventional methods, and leveraging Kev’s silver tongue to manipulate and influence both allies and enemies. Happy Bastards is developed by Clever Plays on PC, with a release date yet to be announced.

Clair Obscur: Expedition 33

And let’s close with what I think is one of the most “Wow” announcements of recent times. Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 is an ambitious turn-based RPG that focuses on its graphic presentation and narrative.

Lead the Expedition 33 in this reactive Turn-Based RPG

The game immerses players in a fantasy world inspired by Belle Époque France, where they lead Expedition 33 on a quest to destroy the Paintress, whose deadly paintings erase people from existence. Players follow the protagonists Gustave, Maelle, and their companions as they venture to end the Paintress’s cycle of death.

This RPG blends traditional turn-based combat with real-time mechanics, allowing players to dodge, parry, and chain combos for a dynamic battle experience. Each character can be customized with unique builds through gear, stats, skills, and synergies. The richly detailed world features diverse landscapes and surreal enemies, with hidden quests and allies to discover. Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 will be released on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, but, unfortunately, no release date yet.

Now let me know what’s your most anticipated RPG from this list and if I missed some other cool title.


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