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Top 10 Best Indie Games to Play if you like Pokémon

Written by Charlie Norris


You have just finished the latest Pokémon game completely; you have caught all Pokémon, beat all trainers, and, to top it off, have caught every shiny variation. With the next installment of Pokémon some time away and the DLC scheduled for later this year, you are left with all this time on your hands. So what is your next course of action, then?

You could do something else with your life, go back to an older entry or, hear me out, play a game similar to Pokémon. Crazy, but it could work, but where could you find a handy list of games similar to Pokémon? Right here, of course, and best of all, they are Indie games. If you are itching for more Pokémon and can’t wait for the next DLC, or you are one of the three Pokémon fans unwilling to buy a Switch, this list is for you.

Pokèmon and its Impact on gaming-industry

Pokémon has long stood as the iconic touchstone in the realm of monster-taming games. Its compelling blend of exploration, character progression, strategic battles, and a sprawling roster of captivating creatures to capture and train has left an indelible mark on the gaming world.

Over the years, Pokémon has not only garnered a massive, dedicated fan base, but also profoundly influenced the game development sphere, inspiring an array of games that echo its distinctive gameplay elements.

Why some Gamers might want to explore Pokémon similar games and where to find them

However, there comes a point when even the most devout Pokémon masters may find themselves yearning for a fresh adventure, a new world to explore, and different monsters to tame. This yearning can emerge in the lull after the exhaustive completion of a Pokémon title, during the anticipatory wait for the next installment, or simply from the desire to diversify one’s gaming experience.

So, where should one turn when they’re eager to venture beyond the Pokémon universe while still craving an experience imbued with the spirit of their beloved game? The answer might surprise you: the indie gaming scene. An innovative and dynamic sphere, indie gaming boasts a range of titles that echo the essence of Pokémon, while also offering their own unique twists and features.

The Best Games like Pokémon

The following list presents ten exceptional indie games that, like Pokémon, center on monster-taming and character progression. Each game offers a unique take on these familiar mechanics, making them excellent picks for any Pokémon fan seeking a new adventure. Whether you’re counting down the days to the next Pokémon DLC, or belong to the rare subset of fans yet to commit to a Nintendo Switch, there’s something in this lineup for you. Let’s dive in!


If having mon at the end doesn’t scream Pokémon-like game, then Coromon’s gameplay, graphics, and story definitely do. Releasing last year to fantastic reviews, Coromon is a monster-taming game that modernizes the classic style. As the latest Battle Researcher of Lux Solis, your first day doesn’t turn out great when a mysterious force attacks the research facility and forces you to build up a team of Coromon to save the world.

Playing like the classic Game Boy Pokémon, Coromon modernizes the concept by giving the player full freedom, whether adjusting the difficulty, changing your monster’s colors, or customizing your trainer to your heart’s content.

Coromon is available for PC, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Nexomon: Extinction

Unlike most of the games on this list, Nexomon: Extinction has the distinction of being a sequel to Nexomon, a popular Pokémon clone found on mobile platforms before making the jump to PC and consoles. In Nexomon, you play as an orphan leaving the orphanage to start your new life as a Monster Tamer. Heavily inspired by Pokémon, Nexomon allows players to catch over 300 monsters and evolve them. It is Pokémon, but also not Pokémon.

Nexomon: Extinction and Nexomon are available on PC, PlayStation consoles, Nintendo Switch, Xbox consoles and mobile devices.


What is one thing Pokémon has never successfully done? Gives gamers a fully realized multiplayer world they can play in. If that is the one thing you have always wanted in your Pokémon game, then you are in luck, as Temtem is an MMOs answer to the Monster Taming genre.

Catch monsters, tame them, and play in a world full of other trainers as you do everything you would do in an MMO, like customizing your house, character, and more.

Temtem is available for PC, PlayStation consoles, Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles.

Monster Sanctuary

There is always a sub-sect of people that love seeing every genre be turned into a 2D game (guilty). If you are one of them that loves Pokémon, then Monster Sanctuary has you covered as the 2D answer to Pokémon games. The best way to describe Monster Sanctuary is if Castlevania and Pokémon had a baby… what am I saying?

That is the only way to describe this, as it takes elements from both genres and combines them together. Moving controls like Castlevania, and you battle like Pokémon, and if you enjoy both, you probably should have started playing this game yesterday.

Monster Sanctuary is available for PC, PlayStation consoles, Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles. It is also playable with Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox.

Cassette beasts

Cassette Beasts hasn’t been out long, but it has already cemented itself as a massive success. Imagine Pokémon, but instead, you, as the trainer, transform into a beast, and music is your best friend. Use tapes to record (capture) monsters you can turn into as you battle other monsters. Besides the whole Pokémon atmosphere, Cassette Beasts also has some great indie music which is reason enough to play this.

Cassette Beasts is available for PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox. It is also playable through Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox.

Disc Creatures

Do you remember the good old days when you would take out your Game Boy and play your favorite Pokémon game? Well, Picorinne Soft does, and you can see it when you look at the game Disc Creatures, a Game Boy-looking game inspired by Pokémon.

In a world where humans and creatures live alongside each other, players will travel across a quint land, taming 200 creatures to battle with over 20 hours of content. To make this even better, the whole game was created by one person.

Disc Creatures is available for PC via Steam.


You have probably heard of Ooblets before, and if you haven’t, I will say three words: Animal Crossing Pokémon. Yep, a game that combines the coziness of Animal Crossing and Monster Taming elements of Pokémon. Farm, raise monsters, customize every facet of your life, and have dance battles with your monsters. Oh, did

I forget to mention instead of turn-based monster battles, Ooblets decides to do it differently with turn-based monster dance-offs. What’s not to love about that concept? It is the ultimate Pokémon Animal Crossing crossover that Nintendo will never make, but luckily an Indie dev has.

Ooblets is available for PC via Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles. It is also playable through Xbox Game Pass for Xbox.

Monster Crown

Have you ever thought to yourself that Pokémon games were too light and needed more mature themes? Me neither, but Studio Aurum did because Monster Crown is the mature person’s Pokémon. No, this doesn’t mean the game has gratuitous violence and swearing; it just means it deals with some darker themes that Pokémon games are likely to avoid.

Uncover a dark world about tamers and the monsters they make pacts with; tame 200 base monsters that can be fused with others to create new and unique monsters. It even has two endings depending on the player’s pivotal decision in the game.

Monster Crown is available for PC, PlayStation consoles, Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles.

PIXELS: Digital Creatures

Pixels Digital Creatures

PIXELS: Digital Creatures presents una formula roguelite che non è comune trovare nei monster-catching. Choose your starter Pixel (monster name) and set off on a wild journey through the Virtual World. No two journeys are the same in PIXELS. New paths pop up, old ones disappear, and mystery spaces keep you guessing. You’ll meet different Pixels to recruit, and every battle’s a surprise.

PIXELS: Digital Creatures is actually available on Steam in Early Access.

Monster Tribe

Monster Tribe Gameplay

In Monster Tribe, you’re this sage who can connect with the Ateyan and bring ’em back. Your mission? Explore Akama, rally an Ateyan army, and dig up some ancient secrets. Why’d everything fall apart? Can you stop the Rift? Can one person really make a difference?

The gameplay’s all about strategic turn-based combat with teams of Ateyan. Level ’em up RPG-style, conquer ancient towers, fight monstrous beasts, and solve tricky puzzles to unravel Akama’s mysteries.

Monster Tribe is available on PC and soon will arrive on Nintendo Switch also.

Hopefully, these ten games can keep any Pokémon fan occupied before the DLC or the next game, and if they don’t, then I may need to find more games for you to play.


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