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Magin: The Rat Project Stories Gets a New Steam Next Fest Demo

Written by Marcello TBL

Magin: The Rat Project Stories

I first experienced it in the seemingly distant 2020, after which it somewhat faded from view. However, in a turn of events, Publisher Daedalic and Developer The Rat Project have now confirmed that their title Magin: The Rat Project Stories will debut with a brand new demo at the Steam Next Fest starting from June 19, 2023, on the Steam platform.


Magin: The Rat Project Stories is a Deck-Builder Story-Driven RPG that immerses players in a dark, decision-laden world, where each choice will directly impact the unfolding narrative and the composition of their personal deck. The game is expected to be released sometime during 2023 on PC. Below is some info about the game and developer gameplay showcase.

About Magin: The Rat Project Stories

Magin is the story of two characters – Elester and Tolen – Magins, mediums of the essence. Though they have few things in common, they are bound by a fate neither suspects. The engrossing story is filled with difficult decisions to make and multiple endings to determine. The world of Magin is both rich and mysterious, full of multidimensional characters, atmospheric locations, and horrible creatures. It is at a point in history where medieval culture is confronted with the invention of industrial, magic-powered machines, and the forces that seek to control them.


  • Adventure game – interact with numerous characters as well as the environment and investigate items to get a better grasp of the world and deeper knowledge of the story.
  • Card system – build your deck as the story progresses and face humans and aggressive beasts. Use RPG-influenced elements such as storyline choices to shape your decks of cards.
  • Emotions mechanics – maintain the emotions of your characters, choose the path they’ll follow, and deal with the impact of your choices influencing all gameplay aspects.
  • Enjoy a fully dubbed gameplay with uniquely illustrated comic book sequences.
  • Non-linear storyline – immerse yourself into a cold and harsh fantasy world. Follow the main characters through their journey of lost and redeemed hope.


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