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My name is Marcello, Dad, Husband, and entrepreneur from Italy. I’m a lover of turn-based strategy tactical RPGs and in 2018 I’ve started this blog where I’m talking about these kinds of games. Currently there are many friends who help me publish content like (news, overviews, reviews, videos & interviews.), below you’ll find all our contributors.

Dad | Entrepreneur | In love with #turnbased rpg/strategy games & #indie projects. In 2018 i started turnbasedlovers.com
It’s always hard for people to describe themselves. I could say that I’m not a complete idiot just because some parts are still…missing. The truth is that I’m just an old growler who loves to talk about videogames.
Old school gamer. Played many turn-based games, starting from X-com and HoMM, up to some new titles, like Frozen Synapse. I’m not actually very good at tactics, mostly play for the story and lore. And, of course, I play games of different genres, not just TBS.
Videogame journalist since 1997. Passionate about strategy games, tactical RPGs and the whole indie scene. Also a PR Marketing Professional and a PhD in Communication.
Lucas Zaper writes text games. His latest one is a medieval noble simulator called The War for the West, to be released later this year.
Huge RPG fan. I like to write about niche subjects. I can also reproduce every scene from The Sopranos word by word.
Mother of two boys. Lover of books, movies and games. Turn-based enthusiast. Here to spread indie-game love.
The Gazette of Independent Gaming Your daily dose of cheerful #indiegames news and #indiedev interviews. Follow me on Twitter and Medium for more content!
I'm that one unlockable character that nobody ever plays as. Find me on the YouTubes @ http://youtube.com/dastardlygamer
I really like where video games are right now. I like where they’ve been, and I have nothing but dazzling hopes for the innovative and dynamic future of the industry. Writing about them is therefore a logical step in contributing to the realization of that future. So, let’s ride this beast, son. Let’s ride this sucker all the way to Valhalla!
"But I, being poor, have only my dreams; I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams." STOP PLAYING WITH MY DREAMS AND RELEASE THE MECHAS ALREADY, ELON MUSK!
I love to play many different types of games on Steam. My favorite games are rogue-lite games. I like games that are fun to play many times the most. In addition to writing for Turn Based Lovers I have my own website. AndroidGamingFox. I write about Android games.

Looking for contributors

Looking for videogames reviewers

Fortunately, my site after a few months is starting to grow and get more and more contacts with developers and they send me free keys for their projects to be tested and to be reviewed. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to try all these games alone and so I am looking for people who have a passion for video games and writing.

I accept passionate writers from all over the world, the only basic requirement is to speak English. I do not care if you have experience in writing or not, I think that the important thing is the passion for video games and how to analyze it fully, the rest comes by itself.

Currently, I have no chance to pay reviewers, the only thing I can offer is free keys for turn-based games. So if you are a lover of turn-based games and would like to share news, previews, reviews, and videos, do not hesitate to contact me via email or on my TWITTER page.

Maybe one-day turnbasedlovers.com could become the meeting place for all lovers of this type of games.

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