Welcome to turnbasedlovers.com

Started in 2018, turnbasedlovers is a website and a youtube channel dedicated to turn-based RPGs & Strategy games indie and not. Inside, you will find news, previews, reviews, and much more. We like to give space to any type of project as long as it includes turn-based mechanics, and from time to time, there are some exceptions on titles that allow pausing the game.

All the content on the site is written by true fans of the genre coming from all over the world. Our team is not full, in fact, we are always looking for new writers and passionate videogamers. If you like to write and play turn-based games, then follow this page for more info.

While if you are a dev, you can contact us or submit your game through the dedicated form and we will cover it for sure.

Friendly sites and groups for more turn-based games news

In these 3 years we have established relationships with other sites and groups in the sector, and thanks to this synergy we are able to keep each other updated.

  • Turn-based Tactics (One of the best sources to stay updated on the world of turn-based games)
  • Tactical Turn Based Games (A facebook group created by one of the leading turn-based game experts)
  • eXplorminate (if you are looking for news, previews, reviews regarding strategy games, this is the right direction)