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Founded in 2018, turnbasedlovers is the best place to find turn-based RPGs & Strategy games, indie and not. Inside, you will find news, previews, reviews, and much more. We like to give space to any type of project as long as it includes turn-based mechanics, and from time to time, there are some exceptions on titles that allow pausing the game.

Almost all the content on the site is written by the Italian founder, Marcello, a true fan of the genre, with help here and there from some friends. What we love the most are the overviews and lists of video games, which give space to many new turn-based video games.

Marcello TBL

Marcello TBL

Founder, Owner, Editor, and all the rest.

Italian and proud Neapolitan, he doesn’t consider himself an expert or some kind of guru, but he is definitely a passionate enthusiast who, thanks to this project, manages to keep his love for video games alive, especially RPGs and strategy games.

Even though he’s busy with work commitments, he still finds time to dedicate to the project, publishing news, overviews, and game lists to keep fans of the genre always updated.