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Metaphor Refantazio

Well, hello there! Here we are, ready to dive into a recap of the latest announcements regarding RPGs and strategy games, the genre we hold dear and love to chat about on these pages – the ones with turn-based mechanics. For those who’ve been with us for a while, you know that there’s always a plethora of exciting news to look forward to, and today’s no different.

We have 15 new announcements to introduce, featuring everything from indie games to big AAA titles. Let’s get the ball rolling, shall we?


Beastieball RPG

Beastieball combines turn-based tactical and volleyball in a novel RPG setting. The game centers around a team of Beasties, whose relationships, ranging from Besties to Rivals, unlock powerful team moves for thrilling matches. Players navigate an open world, challenging Ranked coaches with unique narratives to ascend in the Crown Series rankings. Victory makes remaining bosses stronger, guaranteeing a challenging journey to the top.

Matches are strategically played on a grid where possession allows for varied actions, from passing to setting up attacks, while defense demands strategic counterplays. Each Beastie character has unique traits, creating strategic depth and multiple team cooperation strategies. Beyond the matches, Beastieball weaves an intriguing story of friendships, rivalries, corporate sponsors, and a secretive Sports King.

Beastieball blends sports and narrative-driven gameplay in an innovative turn-based RPG that emphasizes character relationships and strategic planning. The game is set to launch on PC via Steam in 2024, but in the meantime, there’s a demo available, + here is my gameplay first look.

Persona 5 Tactica & Persona 3 Remake

Persona 5 Announcement

One of the most exciting announcements recently has been speculation about a new title in the Persona series. It’s important to clarify that I’m not talking about the sixth installment of the series but rather a tactical spin-off of Persona 5 called “Tactica.” This game will feature grid-based combat with the entire cast of Phantom Thieves. However, details about this game are still relatively sparse at this time.

The announcements related to the Atlus franchise do not end here. There’s also news of a remake of Persona 3, titled Persona 3 Reload. This modernized version of the original JRPG was first released in 2006 on PS2. This remake aims to refresh the title and streamline the game’s overall mechanics. The release is scheduled for early 2024.

Terra Memoria

Terra Memoria

I’m a huge fan of pixel graphics, and Terra Memoria, a brand-new RPG developed by La Moutarde, showcases them exceptionally well, blending them with 3D settings. Another exciting combination that this intriguing title presents is a mix of exploration mechanics, turn-based combat, and base-building mechanics.

The game was announced just a few days ago, and there are no details regarding a potential release date. However, it’s anticipated to be available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox.

Grifford Academy

Grifford Academy

Another turn-based game featuring an innovative graphic concept is Grifford Academy, an RPG under development by indie dev LandShark Games. Players assume the role of Erika and her friends, who are thrust into a mystical world. The choices players make will shape Erika’s character and influence the narrative. This adds a dynamic, personal element to the gameplay, ensuring a unique experience for each player.

Engaging in strategic, turn-based combat against dark forces, players immerse themselves in a rich narrative. The selection of items and weapons and leveling up combat abilities become significant as they battle to rescue lost friends and uncover the disturbing memories of Grifford Academy.

Grifford Academy offers a strategically rich, visually striking environment. It’s an adventure highlighting the experiences of feeling lost, the impact of friendship, and the journey to self-empowerment. Players influence the evolution of the characters’ personalities throughout the game. The RPG focuses on an equal balance of a memorable story and characters, satisfying combat and shopping experience, and offers a family-friendly, compact game journey. On Pc via Steam

Dark Deity 2

Dark Deity 2 Screen

Dark Deity has been one of the most compelling Strategic Role-Playing Games in recent years and is undoubtedly a must-play for those seeking a Fire Emblem-like experience on PC. There was exciting news about a forthcoming installment in the series just last week. This new entry aims to build upon the successes of the first chapter, promising enhanced features and improvements that will surely delight fans.

Dark Deity 2 focuses on strategy with turn-based tactical combat. With 20 heroes accessing 45 branching classes with distinct abilities and effects, players can experiment with skills, abilities, and gear, changing unit performance and tactics. Bonds formed through hardship may strengthen or shatter relationships.

The game centers around critical decision-making amidst desperate defense, war fever, panic, factional strife, and traitors. Supporting or abandoning factions may have significant battle consequences. Every choice impacts the gameplay, making each playthrough different.

The game features a Twisted Destiny mode, inspired by roguelites, for a varied gameplay experience with randomized teams, new levels, and unlockable rewards that alter future playthroughs.

Field of Glory: Kingdoms

Field of Glory

Field of Glory: Kingdoms is a grand strategy game from the award-winning studio AGEOD and published by Slitherine. Set in 1054 AD, the game captures over two centuries of European, African, and Middle Eastern history. With 375 factions, 325 units, 600 buildings, 14 religions/heresies, and 90 new cultural traits, it offers a rich gameplay experience.

Players manage their kingdom with a new concept called Authority, balance dynastic succession, and navigate religious tensions that can spark wars. They administer a diverse population, maintain border security, and command a range of military units. The game integrates with Field of Glory II: Medieval for more direct battle control, and features a massive asynchronous multiplayer system for competitive play. On PC via Steam.

Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire

Sky Oceans

PQube and Octeto Studios are set to release Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire, a classic JRPG-inspired game, on Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X, and Nintendo Switch. Players step into the shoes of a captain, leading a band of sky pirates in an adrenaline-fueled, turn-based dogfight adventure set in the open skies.

Reminiscent of the golden era of JRPGs, the game offers a heartfelt narrative about the search for purpose and forming lasting friendships. Players must recruit crew members, manage resources, and upgrade airships with special abilities as the story unfolds. The game features stylistic, strategic turn-based battles in the open skies.

Inspired by Japanese animation, the game’s environment consists of diverse landscapes, character designs, and culturally rich towns. A beautiful original orchestral soundtrack accompanies players throughout their journey. Set centuries after The Great Scattering, a cataclysmic event that propelled large parts of land into the skies, annihilating most human civilization. Players explore the remnants of the planet within the atmosphere, playing as Glenn Windwalker, a tenacious young captain embarking on a lifetime adventure.

Deck of Souls

Deck of Souls

Immersing players in an innovative blend of roguelite deck-building and souls-like adventure, Deck of Souls emerges as an unmissable challenge. The protagonist is ensnared in a relentless cycle, and their mission is to break free, transmute foes into cards, and assemble an almighty Deck of Souls to secure the gates of hell. Exciting dice rolls are part of this captivating game.

In the intriguing realm of Deck of Souls, players don’t merely control a hero—they carve the hero from their own decisions. They extract the souls of vanquished enemies, converting these into powerful cards that weave together the skills of multiple classes, thus unlocking unprecedented powers.

The player’s task is to shape their hero’s capabilities and aesthetics, choosing from a variety of unique classes. The RPG elements and inventory system are tools at the player’s disposal, while choosing the ideal outfit for their hero adds an additional layer of strategic depth.

The game revolves around choices made by the player. Faced with deciding the fate of conquered bosses, they must choose between harsh justice or merciful clemency, potentially turning past adversaries into future allies. Deck of Souls places the power of destiny firmly in the player’s hands, forging a thrilling and unpredictable gaming landscape.

Athena Crisis

Athena Crisis Gameplay

In retro-modern gaming, a new contender emerges as Null Games announces its plans to publish Athena Crisis. Developed by Nakazawa Tech KK, this unique turn-based strategy game immerses players in multiple worlds where they command an array of units including infantry, tanks, and air forces. Athena Crisis echoes the essence of classics such as Into The Breach, Advance Wars, and XCOM, but with an innovative twist – actions in one player’s game can reverberate in other players’ experiences, creating a dynamic, interconnected universe.

Athena Crisis promises abundant creative freedom, with map and campaign editors allowing players to craft their own worlds and adventures. The game encourages sharing these creations with a vast online community, ensuring a steady stream of fresh challenges. Players will marshal their forces, conquer foes, and claim victory in shifting landscapes. The game is set to launch on Steam and mobile platforms in 2024.

Fretless: The Wrath of Riffson

Fretless RPG

In the pixelated beauty of Fretless: The Wrath of Riffson, a turn-based RPG crafted by Ritual Studios, players are immersed in a world where music hangs in the balance, threatened by formidable villains. Armed with their trusty guitar, the player’s hero confronts these imaginative threats head-on. Engaging in compelling mini-games and rhythmic challenges, they strive to keep the music alive and restore harmony to this inventive, music-laden world.

The game is filled with compelling turn-based musical battles where players can unleash powerful riffs to crush enemies. Players can customize their strategy, aligning with their preferred musical style and adopting high-damage builds, life-stealing combos, or even random chaos.

Fretless: The Wrath of Riffson features a whimsical, visually enchanting world filled with quirky characters, stunning animations, and a lighthearted storyline that caters to both ardent fans of musician Rob Scallon and casual players seeking a fun, musical adventure. Set for a PC release in 2024.

Demeo Battles

Demeo Battles Gameplay

Prepare your battle gear and get ready to enter the battlefield, as Resolution Games is all set to launch Demeo Battles, a fresh installment in the Demeo Role-Playing System. Following the acclaim of the initial Demeo game, Demeo Battles brings an immersive strategic Player-vs-Player (PvP) gameplay for avid strategy gamers, both on PC and VR.

Players begin each match by selecting a champion, action cards, and monsters, which they’ll use to battle against opponents on the battlefield. Strategic positioning is essential as players can get caught in “The Burn,” an expanding, fire-filled threat. The game reintroduces familiar Demeo environments and promotes cooperation, with each champion bringing unique strengths to the game.

Demeo Battles will be launched later this year and can be wishlisted on Steam and Meta Quest, with support for cross-play across PC and VR.

Classified: France ’44

Classified France '44 Gameplay

Classified: France ’44, a compelling new turn-based strategy game, plunges players into the tumultuous period leading up to the Allied invasion of France in World War II. Players are cast into the roles of elite Allied commandos and French resistance fighters. Their mission, riddled with sabotage, destruction, and expansion of the resistance network, is complicated by the watchful eye of the Gestapo.

This immersive game enriches turn-based tactical concepts, breathing life into authentic WWII combat through an exciting campaign with repeatable playthroughs. Its unique morale system puts weight on every shot, influencing the course of battles. Players are tasked with the stealthy elimination of key targets, while simultaneously managing the growing suspicion of their foes.

In addition to the warfare, players can build a team of distinctive heroes, nurturing their morale and customizing their skills and weapons. They will navigate through over 45 challenging missions, strategically deploy their team, and manage resources. This dynamic game is designed to evolve with regular updates, expansions, and a rich pool of player-created content. On PC with no release date yet.


Dicefolk Tactical Roguelite

Good Shepherd Entertainment unveils a fresh thread: Dicefolk. A tactical roguelite adventure that marries monster-collecting and dice mechanics in an engrossing single-player experience, soon to debut on PC. A brainchild of Leap and Tiny Ghoul, the game hands players the reins of battle, manipulating dice and dictating enemy turns to gain strategic dominance.

Among the game’s enticing features, players will encounter a thrilling roguelite adventure filled with chimeras waiting to be recruited and talismans revealing the layered storyline. Players can dictate dice outcomes and the sequence of actions in each engagement, shaping the outcome of each skirmish. With a myriad of chimeras to choose from, each providing unique abilities, strategy, and playstyle will evolve with each challenge.

Bloomtown: A Different Story

Bloomtown: A Different Story

An intriguing blend of genres and narratives is about to grace PC and consoles. Twin Sails, partnering with the creative minds behind Graveyard Keeper and Punch Club, Different Sense Games, and Lazy Bear Games, have birthed Bloomtown: A Different Story, a single-player, turn-based JRPG with a twist.

Nestled within the charming aesthetics of 1960s Americana, Bloomtown’s pixel-art world gives off an air of tranquility. However, this quiet town harbors a terrifying secret – a burgeoning demon world lurks beneath, causing children to vanish. The onus of salvation rests on players shoulders!

Players step into Emily’s shoes and her circle of friends to combat the sinister forces reflecting Bloomtown’s inhabitants’ fears and vices through strategic, turn-based battles. Players delve into the Underside and tame its monstrous inhabitants to assemble a unique demon-hunting squad with unparalleled synergies.

Yet, the clock in Bloomtown ticks ceaselessly. How will players spend their time? Will they uncover the town’s secrets, hone their physical prowess at the gym, work at the local grocery store, develop a green thumb, or cultivate relationships with insightful individuals? Players’ choices will shape their journey!

Metaphor ReFantazio

Metaphor Refantazio

Recently, Atlus seems unstoppable, with another highly intriguing announcement made just a few days ago. The focus is on a JRPG currently being developed at Studio Zero, under the guidance of Katsura Hashino – the creative force behind Persona 3, 4, and 5.

The game, set in a fantasy realm and initially announced as Project Re Fantasy, has now been officially named Metaphor ReFantazio. From the image below, clear influences from the Persona world can be discerned. The game is scheduled for release on PC and consoles in 2024.


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