Top New Turn-Based Games Released this Week | 5-11 June, 2023

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Broken roads

Hello everyone, another week has ended, and unfortunately, the weekend is also coming to a close. But before we dive headfirst into Monday, let’s look at the most significant releases regarding turn-based RPGs and Strategy Games. It has been a relatively quiet week with very few new releases, so I have decided to complement the list with some exciting demos now available.

Search & Rescue – Strategy Cooperative Board Game

Search and Rescue
Searh and Rescue

Search & Rescue is an intriguing turn-based strategy board game that up to four players can play. This game brings the dangerous and unpredictable conditions of the Tatra Mountains during the Halny wind to players’ gaming experience. The core objective is to search for lost tourists and bring them to safety before the freezing temperatures and treacherous conditions overcome players. Available now on Steam.

Rogue Dungeon – A Dungeon Crawler Roguelike Experience

Rogue Dungeon RPG

Rogue Dungeon is an engaging game experience that bridges the gap between traditional board games and modern roguelike video games. As a solo dungeon crawler, it adopts key mechanics from both worlds, including hand management, card draw, and dice rolling. To survive, players must skillfully utilize their hero abilities, skills, items, experience, and a dash of luck.

A unique aspect of Rogue Dungeon is its replayability. The unpredictable nature of the gameplay ensures no two adventures are the same. Another distinct feature is its swift progression – in a mere thirty minutes, players can witness their character’s journey from a novice to a hero. Its challenging gameplay will push players to their limits, relying heavily on experience, skilful play, and strategic loot management to survive.

The game unfolds over five distinct dungeon levels, each separated by a staircase where players can rest and level up their Rogue using accumulated XP. At the end of their journey, a formidable boss monster awaits in the final room. This monster boasts unique abilities that may summon additional monsters, drain players’ levels, or heal itself, all depending on the player’s attack roll. Available now on Steam.

Mark Out! The Wrestling Card Game

Mark Out! The Wrestling Card Game

Mark Out! The Wrestling Card Game is a wrestling move collectible card game where players start as rookies and strive to become wrestling legends. With over 100 unique cards, players can engage in battles against CPUs and real-life opponents online. The game features 3D animated wrestling moves, custom card creation and sharing, deck building, card upgrades, fusion, and innovation systems.

With multiple match types and arenas, the game offers an immersive experience in a visually distinct animation style. Achievements and rewards further enhance the gameplay. It’s a thrilling and engaging game for wrestling and card game fans alike. On Steam

Death Roads: Tournaments Prologue

Death Roads: Tournament

In Free Prologue to Death Roads: Tournament, players assume the role of Maggie “Liberty” Murdock, navigating dangerous routes filled with enemies in their car. They can upgrade their vehicle using car components and cards, strategically utilizing gadgets and tactics to gain an advantage. Players must carefully choose their driver, vehicle, and sponsor as they progress through the game.

The game features turn-based battles, road events, and a nonlinear world map. With stylized graphics, players can unlock various cars and characters, build strategic card decks, and race towards victory. On Steam

Untamed Tactics: The Beginning

Untamed Tactics
Untamed Tactics

Untamed Tactics: The Beginning is a free prologue to the upcoming tactical turn-based RPG from the developers of Untamed Feral Factions. Players control Greycoat, a disgraced soldier, on a quest for redemption in the dangerous world of the Wilds. With diverse animal companions, players engage in tactical battles, explore vibrant 2D environments, and customize their party with unique abilities.

Parley with enemies, manipulate the environment, and uncover a captivating narrative. With replayability, beautiful hand-drawn graphics, and streamlined mechanics, Untamed Tactics offers an immersive adventure where players can forge their path in a strange new world. On Steam.

Broken Roads – Isometric CRPG now has a Demo Available

Broken Roads is a traditional computer role-playing game set in a desolate future Australia. It offers a rich narrative, blending traditional and innovative RPG elements. The unique morality system, known as the Moral Compass, influences dialogue, quests, and character development.

Explore authentic Australian locations, engage in turn-based tactical combat, and enjoy hand-drawn artwork. With a content-rich world and a classless system for character development, Broken Roads presents a captivating RPG experience with a distinctive setting and immersive gameplay. Here you can find our interview with the devs.

Artifice: War Tactics – Turn-Based Battles Awaits

Artifice: War Tactics

Artifice is a turn-based strategy game set in a medieval fantasy world. Players must employ cunning tactics and skillful execution to achieve victory. By setting deadly traps and unleashing devastating combos with allies, they must outwit enemies, survive waves of foes, and conquer strongholds by defeating powerful bosses.

With over 20 playable Champions, unique abilities, and a focus on trap-based combat, Artifice offers strategic depth and challenging gameplay. Discover items, customize champions, and embark on an immersive campaign filled with tactical decisions and explosive chain reactions.

Xenotheria – A fusion between role-playing and card games


Xenotheria is a unique fusion of role-playing and card games, offering an immersive experience with isometric exploration, a story-rich campaign, positional combat, and customizable deck-building. Set on the mining planet of Wolf Prime, players assume the role of Squig, gathering a team to uncover the mystery behind a cataclysmic event.

Engage in tactical battles, explore a handcrafted world, craft your own cards, and solve the enigma of a dying alien species. Prepare for an epic journey to save the planet from destruction in this captivating adventure. Check out my gameplay first look.

REMORE: Infested Kingdoms – Stoneshards meets Battle Brothers

Remore Gameplay

In REMORE: Infested Kingdoms, players confront the Apocalypse as they explore deserted locations infested by enemies. Gather supplies to survive while being wary of lurking dangers. Engage in turn-based combat, using historical weapons with unique skills to control the battlefield. Rest in the Hideout, cook collected food for healing and bonuses, and rely on the Blacksmith for weapon crafting and upgrades.

As resources dwindle, send a Scavenger to find essential items. Adapt, scavenge, and strategize to overcome the challenges and find hope in this unforgiving world. On Steam

Cross Tails – The Tactics RPG now has a demo

Cross Tails

Cross Tails is a tactical strategy RPG set in a war-torn world. Experience a gripping story from both sides of the conflict, uncovering the secrets behind the war and a mysterious third power. Engage in turn-based battles, strategically utilizing terrain and character positioning. Develop characters with over 30 classes, skill trees, and faith selection. Strengthen weapons and armor with runestones.

Shape the fate of two nations in this captivating game where storytelling meets tactical combat. The demo allows you to play until the end of Chapter 6, with various features and difficulty levels available. Please note that demo progress does not carry over to the full version. On Steam

Legends of Amberland II – 90s-inspired RPG Demo Available

Legends of Amberlands 2

Legends of Amberland II: The Song of Trees is a classic western RPG inspired by 90s-era games. Players lead a party of 7 adventurers on an epic, slightly humorous quest to defeat evil in the fairytale-like world of Amberland. With first-person perspective, grid-based movement, and turn-based combat, the game offers a nostalgic experience. Fast-paced combat, quick travel options, and easy inventory management enhance gameplay.

The open world provides ample exploration and quests supported by rich lore. The game runs smoothly on modern machines and can be enjoyed independently from other titles in the series. Legends of Amberland II captures the essence of 90s RPGs while offering a streamlined and accessible adventure. On Steam

Tamarak Trail – A new demo is available

Tamarak Trail Gameplay

Step into a deck-building roguelike adventure where players must battle through randomly generated trails to protect the inhabitants from an evil presence. Customize dice sets and manipulate the battlefield using powerful synergies. Play as one of three character classes, uncover clues, and find game-changing artifacts.

Enjoy the endless replayability of the randomly generated trails with different bosses, objectives, and encounters. Collect items imbued with reality-warping power to gain more dice and alter the battle style. Prepare for a thrilling and strategic journey in this captivating game of mystery and danger. Tamarak Trail is on Steam

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