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A Volleyball RPG called Beastieball Unveiled on PC

Written by Marcello TBL

Beastieball Volley RPG

A new turn-based volleyball RPG called Beastieball has been unveiled. The game, set to launch on PC via Steam in 2024 at a price of $24.99, offers players the chance to coach a team of Beasties, creatures with unique personalities and teamwork styles.

In Beastieball, the bond formed between Beasties during gameplay can influence the outcome of matches. Beasties can become BESTIES, PARTNERS, RIVALS, or SWEETHEARTS, each status unlocking a powerful combo move unique to every pair and potentially turning the tide in a challenging match.

Beastieball RPG

The game features an open world where players can meet a diverse cast of Ranked coaches, each with their own story. Players must defeat these coaches and raise their ranking to compete in the CROWN SERIES. Interestingly, all bosses are revealed on the player’s map from the start and can be defeated in any order. However, with each boss defeated, the remaining ones become more powerful, ensuring a thrilling and challenging rise to the top.

Beastieball also introduces strategic turn-based encounters on a tiny tactics grid. Players have multiple actions to pass and set up a devastating attack when they have the ball, while they must anticipate the opponent’s attack and make a defensive play when the other team has the ball.


Beyond the sports gameplay, Beastieball offers an unfolding plot where players can meet friends, rivals, corporate sponsors, and even a mysterious Sports King who dreams of seeing the ultimate Beastieball match. The game also features local co-op, allowing friends to play and draw together.

Key features of the game include the ability to explore the Picnic Province, manipulate the environment with paint to solve puzzles, unlock new paint abilities, and collect clothes, plants, and furniture to customize characters and the world.


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