Weekly RPG News and Releases

Everything Turn-Based – Weekly RPG News And Releases 13 April 2024

Marcello TBL

TOP PC And Consoles RPG ANNOUNCEMENTS, UPDATES, NEWS AND RELEASES OF THE WEEK This week featured the Triple I Initiative, ...

Promising Indie RPGs & Strategy Games

Broken Roads – Review


Broken Roads has been awaited by fans as a post-apocalyptic CRPG in the vein of classic Fallout. Now that it’s ...

Home Of The Yokai RPG Overview

Become a Yokai Keeper in RPG Home of the Yokai – Overview

Marcello TBL

Home of the Yokai, developed by indie RAYKA STUDIO, is an Easter fantasy adventure RPG developed to immerse players in ...

Top 10 Grim-Dark RPGs And Strategy Games

Top 10 Grim-Dark Turn-Based RPGs & Strategy Games

Harry Ted Sprinks

Exploring the dark, twisted worlds of grim-dark PC RPGs and strategy games. The term “Grim-dark” can be traced back to ...

Crown Wars: The Black Prince, Key Art

Tactical RPG Crown Wars: The Black Prince Introduces Enemies In New Trailer

Marcello TBL

New trailer introduces the enemy factions, each of which can call on their own special units. Undoubtedly, it’s one of ...

Songs of silence

15 Most Anticipated RPGs, Strategy, and Roguelites From #turnbasedThursday Fest 2024

Marcello TBL

Some of the most promising RPGs, Strategy Games, and Roguelites chosen from 350 participants In case you haven’t heard, the ...

Top RPG News Of The Week April 6, 2024

Everything Turn-Based – Weekly RPG News 6 April 2024

Marcello TBL

Top RPG Announcements, Updates, News and Releases of the Week Let’s kick off this fresh RPG News Weekly Recap where ...

Lanista Shadows and Dust Overview

Gladiator Tactical RPG LANISTA: Shadows and Dust – Announcement & Trailer

Marcello TBL

LANISTA emerges as a new tactical roguelite game set in a post-apocalyptic world, where players step into the shoes of ...

Lost In The Open Tactical RPG Overview

Save The King In Tactical RPG Lost In The Open – Demo Available Now

Marcello TBL

A Fresh Take on Tactical RPG Roguelike now with a demo available Stockholm-based indie game studio Black Voyage Games is ...

Eiyuden Chronicle - Releases of April 2024

Top New Turn-Based RPGs and Strategy Games of April 2024

Marcello TBL

It’s April, and beyond the usual remarks about time flying, let’s dive into the most interesting upcoming releases for Turn-Based ...

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