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Kill The Paintress In This Ambitious Reactive Turn-Based JRPG

Written by Marcello TBL

Clair Obscure: Expedition 33 RPG

Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 Is Already One Of The Most Anticipated RPGs. Here is our overview

A few days ago, it was unveiled at the Xbox Games Showcase and has already become one of the most highly anticipated titles in the turn-based RPG genre and beyond. The game Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 marks the debut of the French studio Sandfall Interactive, which includes former Ubisoft members among its team.

Clair Obscure: Expedition 33

Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 was introduced with a captivating trailer that highlights the innovative and compelling story at the heart of the game and its breathtaking world and responsive combat system. You can find an overview of the game with everything we know so far.

stop the Paintress

Every year, the enigmatic and malevolent Paintress awakens and paints a cursed number upon her monolith. Each stroke of her brush erases those of that age from existence, turning them to smoke and shadows. This year, she will paint “33,” and with that, the members of Expedition 33 face their doom unless they succeed in their mission: to destroy the Paintress and end her deadly cycle.

The expedition is led by the engineer Gustave, accompanied by Maelle, who is also Gustave’s foster sister, and other characters that will be presented in the next month.

An Expansive World to Explore And A Reactive Combat System

Players will traverse a beautifully crafted world inspired by Belle Époque France, from the Island of Visages to the Forgotten Battlefield, uncovering secrets, hidden quests, and new allies. The game features stunning Unreal Engine 5 graphics and, from what we heard from the trailer also a captivating soundtrack.

The combat system in Clair Obscur combines traditional turn-based mechanics with real-time actions, allowing for dodges, parries, and combos. Players can utilize a free aim system to target enemy weak points and craft unique builds for their characters through gear, stats, skills, and synergies.

About the Developers and Release Date Information

Sandfall Interactive is an indie studio based in France composed of talented artists and ex-Ubisoft veterans who love to bring 3d worlds to life with a focus on storytelling. Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 is their debut title, and they plan to launch it in 2025 on PC via Steam, Epic, PlayStation, and Xbox. The great news is that the game will also be available on day one on Xbox Game Pass. Below is an overview of the game, screens, and reveal Trailer.


Once a year, the Paintress wakes and paints upon her monolith. Paints her cursed number. And everyone of that age turns to smoke and fades away. Year by year, that number ticks down and more of us are erased. Tomorrow she’ll wake and paint “33.” And tomorrow we depart on our final mission – Destroy the Paintress, so she can never paint death again. We are Expedition 33.

Clair Obscur: Expedition 33 is a ground-breaking turn-based RPG with unique real-time mechanics, making battles more immersive and addictive than ever. Explore a fantasy world inspired by Belle Époque France in which you battle devastating enemies.

In this evolution of JRPGs, real-time actions enhance the heart of turn-based combat. Craft unique builds for your Expeditioners that fit your playstyle via gear, stats, skills, and character synergies. Open an active dimension in combat – dodge, parry, and counter in real time, chain combos by mastering attack rhythms, and target enemy weak points using a free aim system.

With only one year left to live, join Gustave, Maelle, and their fellow Expeditioners as they embark upon a desperate quest to break the Paintress’ cycle of death. Follow the trail of previous expeditions and discover their fate. Get to know the members of Expedition 33 as they learn to work together against impossible odds.

Explore an enchanting realm populated by surreal adversaries. Wander through breathtaking landscapes, from the Island of Visages to the Forgotten Battlefield, discovering secrets and hidden quests along the way. Find allies of fortune in creatures of legend and recruit special companions, access new travel methods and discover secret areas in the World Map.

Experience the debut game from Sandfall Interactive, fully realized in Unreal Engine 5 with stunning graphics and a heartbreaking soundtrack.


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