Your Next JRPG Obsession – ALZARA: Radiant Echoes – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

ALZARA Radiant Echoes JRPG

A tribute to beloved JRPG classics, funded on Kickstarter after 48 hours

ALZARA Radiant Echoes is probably my new obsession. A promising turn-based JRPG that draws heavy inspiration from beloved classics such as Golden Sun and Final Fantasy X. Developed by Studio Camelia, the game is set in the vibrant world of Alzara, weaving a narrative around the power of the four elements and the themes of camaraderie and unity.

Players embark on an epic journey with Kayla and her allies, who master elemental magic to combat the invading forces of Vedores. Each character harnesses distinct elemental powers—Fire, Air, Water, and Earth—allowing for strategic and dynamic gameplay as they combine these elements to unleash devastating attacks and solve intricate puzzles.

ALZARA Radiant Echoes RPG

The combat system in ALZARA Radiant Echoes emphasizes strategy and adaptability, with a unique swap mechanic allowing players to switch characters between the front and back lines. This not only manages their Echo level, a crucial resource but also introduces a layer of tactical depth. Heroes on the front line execute offensive actions, while those in the back line focus on support and healing, restoring Echo in the process. Additionally, the game features a system of making offerings to summon powerful Legends, adding another strategic element to battles. These summons, driven by accumulated Favors, provide powerful attacks that can turn the tide of challenging encounters.

Visually and musically, ALZARA Radiant Echoes stands out with contributions from renowned Japanese artists. Motoi Sakuraba, known for his work on Golden Sun and Dark Souls, provides the game’s evocative soundtrack, while Yoshiro Ambe, famed for his designs in Trials of Mana and Genshin Impact, lends his artistic talents.

The world of Alzara is inspired by Mediterranean landscapes, offering players a richly detailed environment to explore. The story of Kayla and her companions, each with their unique backstory and elemental synergy, unfolds against the backdrop of a Resistance movement fighting to restore peace.

Scheduled for release in 2026, ALZARA aims to support multiple platforms, but we will learn more when the successful underway Kickstarter Campaign (Reaches its goal of 100.000 € after 48 Hours) ends. In the meantime, below is an overview via Steam, screens, and Trailer.


Restore peace to a world torn apart in this 3D turn-based RPG inspired by Japanese classics. Combine the elements to unleash spectacular attacks, solve magical puzzles, and bring the world together.

Take control of four heroes as you embark on an epic journey inspired by classic JRPGs across the stunning world of ALZARA.

Harness the elemental magic of Kayla and her allies to battle the invading forces of Vedores. Share the magic to overcome puzzles and obstacles during your adventure.

Swap between heroes to combine elemental magic and unleash spectacular attacks. Make offerings to gain favors and summon Legends to defeat your enemies.

Restore Peace to the vibrant world of ALZARA, where the mysterious elemental entities known as Zals answer to humans’ prayers. Lead the Resistance against the merciless invasion orchestrated by the neighboring nation of Vedores.

We are honored to partner with two esteemed Japanese artists for this project. Renowned composer Motoi Sakuraba, celebrated for his contributions to iconic titles like Golden Sun and Dark Souls, joins us alongside main character designer Yoshiro Ambe, recognized for his remarkable work on games such as Trials of Mana and Fire Emblem Heroes.


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