Top JRPGs to play in 2023

Turn-Based Battles Galore: Our Top 10 Picks for JRPG Fans in 2023

Marcello TBL

The JRPG (Japanese Role-Playing Game) genre typically features a story-driven gameplay experience with elements of exploration, combat, and character development. ...

Wandering Sword

Learn martial arts inside Wuxia China with 2.5d JRPG Wandering Sword

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Wandering Sword by indie dev Xiameng Studio is one of the most anticipated JRPG. Players will be catapulted inside an ...

Meg's Monster JRPG

Overview of JRPG Meg’s Monster – Screens and Gameplay

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A little girl fell into the underworld populated by mutant monsters, a mysterious test in progress, and a strange bond ...

Small Saga header

Small Saga – Overview

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Small Saga by Jeremy Noghani is a fantasy JRPG where players guide a group of rodents….yes you read right, rodents ...

Path of the Midnight Sun

30-hour JRPG Path of the Midnight Sun gets a Release Date

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The visual novel JRPG adventure Path of the Midnight Sun developed by Studio Daimon is getting a release date. In ...

Eiyuden Chronicle

A new golden era in JRPGs. What to expect between 2022-2023 – Part I

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The turn-based JRPGs saw their heyday in 90’s with the big SNES, PS and PS2 titles. Glorious games like Final ...

Monark JRPG

Monark Review

Damiano Gerli

Japanese publisher Furyu has long been working together with NIS America, releasing a number of JRPGs that deal with complex psychological subjects of reality and identity. Not all have reached the Western shores. Those that did, however, presented some interesting design choices. Among those are 2019's The Caligula Effect and 2017's Lost Dimension. For 2022, we have Monark, developed by Shinjuku studio Lancarse. It features real time dungeon exploration, turn-based combat - and a smorgasbord of characters that've gone off their rockets.

Jack Move

10 Upcoming Indie Turn-Based JRPGs 2022

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Indie developers from all over the world are putting the finishing touches on their projects, getting ready to share them with players. Developing a game with a limited budget is always a challenging task. Still, 2022 has many great prospects for indie JRPG fans

Voice of Cards

Top 10 Best Turn-Based JRPGs of 2021 on PC, Switch, Xbox One, PS4

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There are few video game genres more iconic than the JRPG. The term immediately conjures images of menu-based battles, epic boss fights, and playtimes in the hundreds of hours. Last year saw a lot of stellar JRPGs enter the market including remasters, sequels, and brand-new properties. We've picked out the 10 best JRPGs from 2021 on PC, Switch, Xbox One and PS4 - how many have you played?