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Crystal Project

A great platforming adventure – Crystal Project review

Crystal Project is a jRPG with focus on both combat and platforming, where you explore the world to find crystals. The game is made by a solo developer Andrew Willman.

9.2 Amazing
King Arthur Knight's Tale

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale – Review

King Arthur: Knight's Tale, the deliciously grimdark continuation of Camelot's legend, has finally arrived. Although missing the original release date by a month, Neocore Games have put the extra time...

9 Amazing

The ultimate goblin management simulator – KeeperRL review

As I was writing my review of The Wratch's Den I compared it - multiple times - to KeeperRL. Naturally, I wanted to link to the KeeperRL's page on TBL. How great was my shock when I didn't find anythi...

9 Amazing

Sacrifices to the Goddess of Chaos – The Sargosian Abyss review

The Sargosian Abyss is well-named. It seems to pull you into some dark depths, right from the introduction. It has stricken me with its incredible, almost tangible atmosphere. I've always preferred AS...

10 Perfect
Solasta Lost Valley

Solasta: The Lost Valley – Review

Solasta: The Lost Valley is a completely self-contained DLC campaign for Solasta: Crown of the Magister. In it, four characters, designed by the player, get cut off from the outside world in a seclude...

6 Fair
Star Dynasties

Star Dynasties – Review

Picture the scene: It's tense at the royal court as the heir, a rebellious hellraiser barely eighteen, is brought before his father, the duke. A member of the court reads out the list of allegations a...

6 Fair
Octopath Traveler

The Power of Eight – Octopath Traveler Review

What if I told you that there are exactly eight reasons to play Octopath Traveler - would you believe me? It seems only fitting for a game where everything revolves around the number eight. Eight stor...

8.8 Great
Trials of Fire

Trials of Fire – Review

Trials of Fire is a tactical deckbuilding roguelite, developed and published by Whatboy Games. Choose the three heroes and go on a quest across a post-cataclysmic wasteland.

8.5 Great
Triangle Strategy

Triangle Strategy – Review

Triangle Strategy, produced by Tomoya Asano (Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default) and published by Square Enix/Nintendo, is a traditional strategy role-playing game (SRPG) with a unique setting. Pol...

9 Amazing
Trails of Cold Steel 4

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Review

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV is the fourth part of the Trails of Cold Steel and the fourteenth of The Legend of Heroes. The Cold Steel games themselves are part of the Trails subgenre...

8.8 Great

Mechajammer Review

Most people will tell you writing reviews isn't hard work at all; that it's a cushy job. Just play the game, write down what you think and there you go, done. Sometimes, though, things aren't as simpl...

6.5 Fair

Spelldrifter – Review

Spelldrifter is the first self-published title from Free-Range Games. After creating a VR meditation app, the folks at Free Range decided to go in the opposite direction and give the world a head-ban...

8 Great
The Wratch's Den

The Shining Subterranean Kingdom – The Wratch’s Den Review

Deep underground, the last embers of a once-great empire still smolder with wrath. Orcs dig into the ancient walls of the caves, ensuring a steady supply of subterranean gold. Wolves patrol the carved...

9 Amazing

Warlords of Warhammer – Telestians Review

Well, the title basically says all you need to know (if not, wait until the end of the Introduction). So, what are you waiting for? The armies are gathered. The grim champions of ruin await your order...

9 Amazing
Soulash RPG

A dark masterpiece from across the eldritch veil – Soulash Review

The body stirs upon the altar. The candles flicker as if in a wind. Shadows dance on the cavern's walls. The wolves howl somewhere in the forest, and the bats flutter blindly against the ceiling, as i...

10 Perfect