Project Haven

Project Haven

Project Haven is a squad tactics game set on the mean streets of Earth’s last city. Lead the Steel Dragons—a mismatched mercenary crew—on high-risk missions, invest in equipment and stay ahead of the ...

Spiritbound Tactics

Spiritbound Tactics

Spiritbound Tactics is a story driven, tactical turn-based RPG. Lead your party of mercenaries through strategic battles! Customize each party member with numerous classes and skills!

Angelic The Game


Angelic is a narrative turn-based strategy RPG, set in a dark science fiction universe. Gather up spectacular heroes, command your one-of-a-kind spaceship and explore an unforgiving universe!

Baby Goat Billy

Baby Goat Billy

Deckbuilding RPG with a strong narrative. Immerse yourself in an ancient world of goat mythology and fight monsters in a turn-based combat. Discover awesome deck combos, learn new skills and overcome ...

Zodiac Legion RPG

Zodiac Legion

Zodiac Legion is a turn-based tactical RPG that puts you in command of an arcane chivalric order in a world of reawakening magic. Develop your stronghold, research astral powers, and lead your champio...

Songs of Conquest

Songs Of Conquest

Songs of Conquest is a single-player game where you build a kingdom, raise an army and control powerful magicians called Wielders.

Vulgord's Tower

Vulgord’s Tower

Welcome to Vulgord’s Tower! A fantasy adventure game of whimsy, woe, and wizardry! Your mission is simple. Storm the tower and defeat Vulgord (a wizard-turned-dragon by an unrelenting madness and an i...

The Last Spell

The Last Spell

Defend the last bastion of humanity with your squad of heroes! Exterminate fiendish monsters with magic and brute force by night and re-build your battered city defenses by day in this tactical RPG wi...

Pinku Kult Hex Mortis

Pinku Kult Hex Mortis

Welcome to RAZORE CITY – a desolate, grim metropolis with one big problem: DEMONS. Control your own Razore City denizen as you investigate bizarre happenings around the city and track down the masterm...

Monark JRPG


Could you face yourself and the threats around you to save the ones you love? Shin Mikado Academy is engulfed in a madness-inducing Mist, and only you can save everyone inside. Develop your Ego to bre...

Metal Slug Tactics

Metal Slug Tactics

METAL SLUG is back with a brand new entry in the METAL SLUG universe. Discover a new side of the emblematic run'n'gun and jump into a dynamic tactical RPG with roguelike elements!

Lands Of Sorcery

Lands of Sorcery

Lands of Sorcery is a turn based combat RPG set in a time of virile men, ravishing women, creepy sorcerers and disgusting monsters. A tongue in cheek love letter to classic sword and sorcery literatur...

Beckoned JRPG


A Meticulously Handcrafted Epic Adventure, with a Real-Time Twist to JRPG Turn Base Combat Systems. Master the environment and challenge morale-crushing bosses with the help from majiq Loden Shards fo...

Scarlet Republics

Scarlet Republics

Scarlet Republics is a tactical turn-based fantasy RPG inspired by the Renaissance and Leonardo da Vinci's imagination. Rewrite the history of the city-states of Corsano in a branching, grimdark fanta...

Externus Path of the Solari

Externus: Path of The Solari

Externus: Path of the Solari is a character-driven tactical roleplaying game (RPG) adapted from an original tabletop game. The game features turn-based tactical combat, full 3D battlefields, character...

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