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Everything Turn-Based – Weekly RPG News 30 March 2024

Written by Marcello TBL

Weekly RPG Gaming News 30 March 2024

Hey everyone, and welcome to the usual Weekly RPG Recap, where I sum up everything that’s happened and what you need to know about RPGs, Strategy Games, Roguelites, Deckbuilding, and everything in between with turn-based mechanics.

In the week leading up to Easter, a lot of interesting things happened, and there are some released titles you’d do well not to miss. Let’s get started.

Stunning 4x Strategy Game On Kickstarter

Let’s open with one of the most graphically inspired strategy games out there. I’m talking about Songs of Silence, a visually stunning 4X strategy game that has launched a Kickstarter campaign spearheaded by Chimera Entertainment. With a fundraising goal of €23,000, the game features music by Hitoshi Sakimoto, known for his work on Final Fantasy Tactics.

Songs of silence

The game, nearing completion, will offer early access on Steam come May 23, 2024, with a full release for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S slated for Q4 2024. It incorporates a unique mix of classic 4X gameplay and tactical battles enriched by a card system.

TTRPG-Style Deckbuilder Now Available

The first game available this week is Ruff Ghanor, a deckbuilder game with TTRPG-style storytelling. It’s now available for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. It’s set in the Ghanor universe, known from Jovem Nerd, a popular Brazilian content hub.

Ruff Ghanor

The game features a cleric named Ruff aiming to free his people from a dragon’s tyranny using card-based magic and strategy. It combines turn-based battles, deckbuilding, and narrative choices reminiscent of tabletop RPGs. A Nintendo Switch version will launch on April 10th.

Announcing a New Roguelite Tactics

Endless Tactics is Dead Battery Games’ latest 2D turn-based strategy roguelite title, announced alongside a demo for the Steam Deckbuilder Festival.

Endless Tactics

As a commander of a high-risk planetary mining operation, players defend against alien fauna to extract resources, braving dangers like meteor showers and exploring a solar system for profit. Upgrades and strategic decisions are key in this immersive and challenging game environment. The game is expected for Q2 2024 on Steam.

Tactical RPG Guild Saga Delayed to August 2024

Do not underestimate this RPG. I tried the demo a while ago, and it looks like it was quite impressive, featuring a deep tactical system with different classes and an inspired world. The Bad news is that Guild Saga: Vanished Worlds is delaying its launch to August 8, 2024, to add more content inspired by positive feedback from Steam NextFest.

Guild Saga

Enhancements include romance features, advanced battle interactions, smarter NPC AI, and expanded in-game content. Set in the realm of Aarde, players embark on epic adventures within this tactical RPG. Early Access is planned for the new date, with a full release expected in 2025.

A new isometric CRPG From ATOM RPG team

From Atom RPG comes a new Isometric CRPG, this time within a fantasy world. Swordhaven: Iron Conspiracy is a fantasy cRPG inspired by classics like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale, developed by the ATOM RPG team. It features a flexible combat system, a classless role-playing system, and a vast nonlinear world.

The game’s Kickstarter aims for a €36,000 goal. Fans of tactical, story-rich experiences will likely find much to enjoy here. A demo is available on Steam for those eager to dive in early.

Chrono Cross & Earthbound-Inspired RPG Announced

Doom Turtle unveils Legends of Starkadia, a quirky turn-based RPG inspired by classics like EarthBound and Chrono Trigger. When a bored teen lands in Starkadia, he’s thrust into a cosmic battle of good vs. evil.

Legends of Starkadia RPG

The game boasts strategic combat, a deep story, and a universe with over nine planets. However, there is no information about its release date or console release. Here is its Steam page.

Glorious JRPG is now available in a remastered version

It’s time to jump into the past with style as Grandia HD Collection, featuring remastered versions of the first two highly acclaimed JRPGs of the series, is now available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and Xbox One for €39.99.

Grandia Collection

Previously released on PC and Nintendo Switch, these editions come with improved graphics, including higher resolution and a 16:9 aspect ratio, offering both longtime fans and newcomers a must-have RPG experience.

Remastered version of Geneforge 2 Now Available

From one of the longest-running CRPG creators comes a new game in the Geneforge series. Geneforge 2—Infestation, a remaster of the cult classic by Spiderweb Software, is now out for PC and Mac.

Geneforge 2 CRPG

It promises over 50 hours of gameplay, multiple endings, and a story where players, as powerful Shapers, navigate a rebellion. With added storylines, quests, and a modernized UI, the game retains its strategic depth and freedom of choice. An iPad version is expected soon.

Exploration, Crafting, and Turn-Based Combats melt together in this new JRPG, now available

One of the games that has impressed me the most recently, both for its potential game world and for the dynamics of exploration, construction, and combat, is therefore one that I recommend everyone consider. Terra Memoria is a turn-based RPG that combines exploration, crafting, and friendship in a magical and mysterious HD-2D world.

Terra Memoria

Developed by La Moutarde and published by Dear Villagers, this game is now available on Steam, Switch, PlayStation5, and Xbox Series. It features a story-rich journey, turn-based combat, and puzzles, along with side quests like cooking and crafting. The game is optimized for Steam Deck also.

New Character Origin Trailer for CRPG Broken Roads

It feels so close, within grasp, yet always slips away at the last moment. But the continuous tastes, the fleeting glimpses through videos and trailers, they keep my desire to experience it burning brightly. Of course, I’m talking about the highly anticipated Broken Roads. Developers just published a new character origin trailer introducing the surveyor.

The post-apocalyptic RPG set in the Australian outback, offering over 50 hours of narrative-driven gameplay with strategic turn-based combat and meaningful choices. It introduces a classless system, allowing near-unlimited character development around four philosophies. The game also features an original morality system influenced by players’ decisions. Authentic locations and a unique soundtrack add to its depth. Scheduled for release on April 10th on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.

New DLC for strategy game Terraformers

The strategy Terraformers expands its universe with the New Frontiers DLC, now available on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, following its Xbox release. This expansion offers players the chance to explore and colonize celestial bodies within the Solar System, introducing strategic exploration, outpost settlements, and system-wide trade.


It enriches the game with new expeditions, settlements, events, leaders, and an extended scenario alongside a captivating musical score. Priced at $6.99, with a 30% discount on the Switch version.

Survival Card Game Chantico Announced

Sometimes, I’m amazed by what can be achieved with mechanics based on cards, and the game I’m about to introduce seems to push the boundaries even further. Untraveled Lands: Chantico is a survival crafting card game set in a Mesoamerican-inspired world.

Developed by Tall Troll Games, it combines exploration, puzzle-solving, and strategic card combat. The game promises dynamic encounters with beasts and strategic card combat, offering new adventures with procedurally generated maps for enhanced replayability. Untraveled Lands: Chantico is planned for a Q4 2024 release and will also participate in the next Deck Builder Fest!

The Hexadome – A Triple-threat passion between XCOM, Overwatch, and Blood Bowl

Blindspot Games, formed by veterans who previously worked on tactical titles like Blood Bowl and Rainbow Six Siege, just unveiled The Hexadome: Aristeia Showdown with a gameplay trailer. This turn-based strategy game blends elements of XCOM, Overwatch, and Blood Bowl, challenging players to lead a team of four unique champions in deep tactical battles.

Set in the Infinity Universe’s Aristeia, a brutal sports-show board game, players engage in 1v1 fights in an arena, striving to win over the crowd with spectacular moves and strategic mastery. The game boasts features like PvP matches, customizable teams with diverse characters, and mechanics to sway the RNG in the player’s favor.

Steam’s first closed beta test is scheduled for April 4-9, with an early access launch planned for this summer. Fans can sign up for the beta now and follow the game’s progress on Blindspot Games’ website and official Discord.

PC Roguelike RPG is now available on XBOX, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

Originally released on PC in 2023, Forrader Hero, is now available on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Priced at £4.99, it’s optimized for both previous and current-gen consoles. Players navigate an unforgiving world, facing off against monsters and overlords, with no option to retreat—only forward movement is allowed.

Forrader Hero

The game features roguelike combat and nostalgic pixel art and focuses on strategic, turn-based combat. It encourages repeated runs to master its challenges​.

Open-World Pirate RPG is heading to Switch

Sagres, an open-world sailing simulation RPG by Kakehashi Games and developer Ooze, is set to sail for the Nintendo Switch. Already launched on PC, Sagres invites players to experience the Age of Discovery as captain Fernando.

Sagres Indie RPG

The game challenges players to explore the seven seas, engage in naval and land combat, customize ships, and build reputation through quests. With a vast world featuring real locations and a strategic combat system, it promises adventure on the high seas​.

New Roguelike Deckbuilder Strategy Game Announced

This has me hooked, even though there aren’t any gameplay sequences. As We Descend is an upcoming roguelike deckbuilder game developed by Box Dragon, a studio formed by veterans of Riot Games and Stunlock Studios, in collaboration with Coffee Stain Studios. (Songs of Conquest)

As We Descend

The game combines deckbuilding with strategic combat in a grim post-apocalyptic world where humanity has retreated underground. Players must gather resources, ally with unique units, and engage in turn-based battles to fend off monsters threatening their stronghold. A closed beta is on the horizon, and interested players can sign up now.

Guide an alcoholic knight in retro-inspired JRPG now available

Let’s wrap up with a spotlight on Felvidek, a game that captured my attention from the get-go with its retro style. And the great news is that this JRPG has finally made its way to PC, which is available through Steam. Felvidek is a JRPG set in 15th-century Slovakia, where you play as Pavol, an alcoholic knight.


The game tasks you with driving out Hussites and Ottomans to protect the land. It features hand-painted worlds to explore, turn-based combat, and a story enriched by encounters with diverse characters. The game, developed and published by Jozef Pavelka, promises around 2-3 hours of gameplay and has received positive reviews so far.

This week, the Weekly RPG News Recap was packed with content. I’ll see you next week and want to remind you about some essential links. First up, here’s where you can find all the releases and rumored releases for 2024. Then, there’s the YouTube channel and Twitter, where you can get in direct touch with me. Lastly, our Discord server is made up of turn-based game enthusiasts and developers to connect with.

Wishing you a very Happy Easter. Ciao


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