A Medieval-Fantasy Open World RPG – Fangs & Forges – Overview

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Fangs And Forges Tactical RPG

Join the Fight Against Ancient Corruption in a Richly Detailed Fantasy World

Solo dev Alpenwolf Studio is working on a tactical open-world RPG called Fangs & Forges. Set in a richly detailed medieval high-fantasy world, players lead a squad through diverse environments, recruiting over 120 unique characters with distinct abilities. The game emphasizes strategic combat, requiring players to adapt their tactics to clear monster-infested regions, dismantle bandit camps, and confront an ancient corruption threatening the world.

Fangs & Forges Gameplay

Exploration is a key aspect, with players visiting various locations, from fungal woods to icy mountains. Each battleground offers unique challenges, necessitating different strategies and squad compositions. The game’s rich lore, engaging mission structure, and character progression create an immersive experience.

Fangs & Forges also features a variety of enemies and boss fights, each requiring careful planning and strategic execution. Successful missions and explorations reward players with valuable loot, enhancing their characters and advancing the story. The game is designed for single-player and includes online PvP, promising a comprehensive and dynamic RPG experience.

The game’s early access release is set for the end of 2024 on PC. In the meantime, below is an overview via Steam, screens and teaser trailer.

About The Game

Fangs & Forges is a tactical turn-based RPG, where you command your squad through a medieval high fantasy world, teeming with mythologies, diverse races, and rich history.

Go where you want: Visit dozens of locations, from cities to shrines and other intriguing places. Explore the fungal woods of the lizard folk first or head straight to the ice mountains in the north—the choice is yours!

Recruit who you want: Along your journey, recruit over 120 unique characters, each with their own strengths and abilities. Toughness, agility, attack types—whatever the need, teamwork and strategy are key. Adapt your squad to the challenge and combine the abilities of individual characters for powerful interactions.

Take the missions you want: Clear monster-infested regions, dismantle bandit camps, hunt wildlife and face an ancient threat. Gather loot, level up your characters and earn reputation, and coins. Remember, different battlegrounds and opponents require different strategies…

Fangs & Forges captures the action and thrill of ARPGs within a tactical turn-based game. Enjoy simple controls, tight skirmishes, and fast animations. Instead of long, large-scale, and complicated battles, your goal is to clear battlegrounds as efficiently as possible and earn your reward in the form of loot, reputation, and pay.

Each battleground presents its own challenges, whether in layout or the enemies it harbors. Some battlegrounds are wide open, while others are partly obstructed by obstacles, requiring different strategies. The variety of enemies, differing in strength, resistance, agility, and behavior, demands the right squad to get the job done.

And yes… there will be boss fights!

Races have their own distinct style—both artistically and gameplay-wise—highlighting their cultural differences and unique physical attributes. Each character’s stats and abilities are influenced by their race, gear, and lore. Do you prefer bulky, heavy-hitting melee units? Or do you rely more on agile marksmen?

Fierce abilities are the most powerful tools of the characters. Poisoning, quick dodges, and elemental powers, to name a few, can be used and even combined—like freezing and shattering!

Successful raids, hunts, or dungeon purges will reward you with diverse loot—from various gear such as weapons and armor to valuable resources or trophies like rare herbs, monster claws, and more. Completing missions or challenges can also be very lucrative. However, exploration often leads to the most precious treasures; unlock secret locations to acquire legendary and long-forgotten items.

Explore the colorful world of Lyboria, filled with beautiful regions and diverse biomes—from marshlands and fungal woods to steppes and snowy mountains. Encounter dangerous or harmless wildlife and visit spectacular locations. Lyboria is rich in mythologies, chronicles, tales, guilds, secret societies, and more. Learn more and visit the official website.

The Eye of God, the Broken Sphere, Skyboulder… there were many names for the mesmerizing spectacle that watched over Lyboria since the dawn of life… or at least that’s what everyone believed. For millennia, its origin and purpose occupied the scholars of the land. But akin to varied names, a plethora of tales and theories enshrouded it.

The most famous theory believed that this world once languished beneath a blanket of darkness – barren of vegetation, devoid of life. A dead land. Until a colossal sphere pulsing with purging energy dispelled the dark cloak covering Lyboria and set the numbed world into motion. The ensuing tides and cycles birthed a sanctuary for life.

Yet, as the inhabitants of Lyboria now comprehend, this tale was only partially true… In reality, the world did not lay beneath gloomy clouds nor was the land devoid of life…

Join the Guild, join our Brotherhood, join our Discord.

  • Participate in community events and giveaways.
  • Be part of the development process: provide feedback or join playtesting.
  • Join a loyal, friendly, and super supportive community that’s been growing for over five years.

Release Plans

  • The game is planned to release in early access, featuring a substantial part of the PvE campaign, including exploring, recruiting, battling, and looting.
  • The full release will include the complete PvE campaign and an additional “horde mode,” a high-score mode where players fight waves of enemies on various battlegrounds with different challenges.
  • If the launch is successful, we also plan to add an online PvP mode.
  • Additionally, we aim to introduce DLCs post-release, offering new locations, battlegrounds, enemy types, recruitable characters, loot, and potentially even map expansions featuring new races.


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