Stealth, Hacking, and Tactical Battles in Pixelated RPG DeathTower – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

DeathTower Pc Game RPG

From Double Kick Heroes Dev Comes A New Tactical Stealth RPG With Lovely Pixel Art Graphic

I am to pixel-art games what a truffle dog is to truffles… and when I see one, I can’t help but share it on the pages of TBL. Thanks to Rui Castro and his group, always full of news about tactical games, I discovered DeathTower. A delightful 2.5D isometric roguelite tactical RPG developed by French indie dev Headbang Club, who previously worked on the innovative Double Kick Heroes.

DeathTower Pc Game

In this new pixelated under-development game, players take on the role of Ikarus, who finds himself in a precarious situation following a maintenance operation that has gone awry. As he navigates the perilous megastructure, he must battle enemies, solve mysteries, and ascend to the tower’s summit, all while being aided by Phi, a mysterious µbot. DeathTower challenges players to use a combination of stealth, hacking, and an extensive arsenal of melee weapons, special attacks, and heavy artillery to survive and progress.

The gameplay follows a floor-by-floor progression, with each level presenting unique obstacles and enemies. Players must make critical decisions about their load-outs, balancing various weapon types and hacking abilities. The tower itself, an ancient and autonomous structure, can be reprogrammed to assist players in their escape or combat efforts. It includes multiple biomes, diverse enemy types, mini-bosses, and an evolving arsenal.

DeathTower will be a PC single-player game with no release date yet. Below is an overview via Steam, screens, and teaser trailer.

About DeathTower

DeathTower is a 2.5D isometric roguelite tactical RPG. Make your way through each floor and ascend to the top.
But be careful along the way, or your body may be destroyed, forcing you to restart the adventure from the beginning!

After a maintenance operation gone horribly awry, Ikarus finds himself caught up in an adventure on the edges of a dizzyingly vast space. Who is Phi, the mysterious µbot haunting these forbidden zones?

Versatile floor-by-floor progression

Combine stealthy infiltration and an arsenal of devastating weapons to reach your objective. Melee weapons, special attacks, heavy artillery… There’s no shortage of options, but you’ll have to make some hard decisions – you can’t take everything with you!

Hack the tower

Built thousands of years ago, the tower is home to countless mysteries. It operates autonomously, but you can also reprogram it to cover your escape.
Use its nanomachines to amplify your abilities, hide, or summon bionic creatures.

An ever-changing world

The game is being developed as updates are implemented.

No empty promises here: We’ll communicate clearly and transparently about the content we plan to develop, and what more we’d like to include if our resources allow for it.

Planned content:
– 6 playable characters.
– Around 30 enemy types, each with their own unique characteristics.
– 4 very different biomes with unique challenges and bosses.
– 10+ mini bosses.
– 75 weapons.
– 75 hacks to attack, defend, manipulate the battlefield and summon terrifying creatures.
– 10 fluid class trees comprising a total of 75 skills.

If resources allow, we’d like to reach over 100 weapons, 100 hacks, and 7 playable characters.


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