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Guide a Secret Cult In Stylish Dark Strategy RPG Whispers of the Eyeless – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Whispers of the Eyeless RPG Strategy

Whispers of the Eyeless is an upcoming dark fantasy strategy RPG being developed by Evil Gingerbread Studio and Venris, known for the popular overhaul mods for Total War: Warhammer.

Set in the eerie world of Aranthor, players assume the role of the Old Faith’s last descendent and the New Age’s first prophet, tasked with enacting vengeance and elevating the Dead Gods to Ascendence. The game features strategic combat where players must carefully choose actions, passives, and gifts to overcome powerful enemies.

Whispers Of The Eyeless RPG

Players will also manage and upgrade their Sanctum, which serves as a base where cultists perform tasks, generate resources, and maintain the cult’s secrecy and customize their prophet’s abilities, and explore the intricate lore of Aranthor through a replayable campaign mode. The story unfolds through a quest system divided into the main storyline, Revelations, and side quests called Reckonings, where player choices significantly impact the game’s world and future events.

Whispers Of The Eyeless is actually driving a Kickstarter Campaign, and after a few days, it has already reached the designated minimum fund objective. The game will be released sometime in Early Access on PC via Steam, and in the meantime, there is also a free demo available. Below is an overview, screens, and Kickstarter trailer.


Guide your Cult. Oversee your Sanctum. Stay in the Shadows. Serve the Dead Gods.


Guide your Cult. Oversee your Sanctum. Stay in the Shadows. Serve the Dead Gods.

An age has passed since my ancestors failed their Gods and were banished from Aranthor. My people wandered the Eclipsed Dark for generations beyond counting, and were forgotten.

My faith carried me further than any other, and in my final moments, finally… the Whispers returned. The ‘Dead’ Gods were not dead, and I was alone no longer.

After years of developing and maintaining the most popular mod for the Total War: Warhammer series, it is our pleasure to bring you our first original game.

To restore the Dead Gods to power, you will need faithful followers. Your cult, hidden beneath the city, must remain undetected. The forces of Aranthor are strong, and you will be no match for them if discovered.

Travel to one of Aranthor’s five districts to gather resources and gain experience for the Prophet. Each district has unique enemies, events, and mechanics tied to its distinct populace, culture, and history.

As the First Prophet, your decisions and actions will determine how and when each of the Dead Gods, Wrath, Desire, and Madness, will grow in power. You may favor one over the others, or strike a more balanced approach; the choice is yours to make.

Gather resources and leverage your cultists to develop your Sanctum as you see fit. The God you favor will impact your Sanctum’s appearance, which can be customized to your liking.

As the Dead Gods’ insight into Aranthor grows, you will be sent on quests in the city. Humanity’s greatest city is not as it first seems. Infiltrate the districts, learn their history, discover the truth of Aranthor… and take the city for the glory of the Dead Gods!


🔹Turn-based tactical combat
🔹Tales of Aranthor with unique district mechanics
🔹Select equipment, skills, blessings and more for your preferred playstyle
🔹Lively Sanctum filled with your devoted followers
🔹Replayable campaign with key decision points
🔹Your choices may have far-reaching consequences
🔹Aranthor’s districts can completely change based on your actions
🔹Fully original art and story
🔹Trials game mode for replayable challenges
🔹Random events and bevy of choices ensure every playthrough is unique


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